Must-Have Interactive Dog Toys to Keep Your Pup Entertained

Dog toys are very important for keeping your dog interactive, especially when you are not around. Giving a toy to your dog does not mean that they will play themselves as they also expect you to play with the dog. A dog needs to have many toys, just like a human child. They love to play with and interact with these toys and think they are alive. So you need to buy the best toys for your dog to keep them lively.┬áIf you’re looking for engaging activities for your pet, consider exploring Puppy Yoga in London offered by

Here, you can check the top interactive dog toys that are the perfect choice for your pet. 

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Top Dog Toys that Are Must-Have for Your Dog

There are many interactive toys for your dog, which will be the best choice for you and keep your dog attracted to them. These are:

Heartbeat Toy

A stuffed heartbeat toy is a perfect best friend for your dog and is a comforting companion. It is one of the best dog toys for your dog, and they will interact with it regularly. Most dog owners have also stated that it is one of most dog breeds’ favorite toys. 

Tug Rope

Another favorite game for your dog is to play with a retractable hanging rope or a tug rope. The dogs are very attracted to playing a tug of war and are obsessed with it. This toy is extremely safe for your pet and keeps any sharp object away from your dog’s mouth so they can play their favorite game without fear.

Puzzle Treat Ball

A ball is very attractive for your pet, especially when it is a puzzle-treat ball they can play with for hours. This slightly differs from a regular ball and stimulates your pet’s senses. It will be very effective if you play with your pet with a puzzle ball; you can throw it, and your pet will bring it back to you. 

Giggle Ball

One of the best ball dog toys for your pet is to have a giggle ball. It can make a range of sounds that instigate the interest of your pet and make them play with it for hours. This slightly bigger ball attracts your pet’s attention, and they are interested in playing with it. 

Triangle Tug Toy

A triangle tug is a dog toy made up of 100% natural cotton and rubber, so you can know your dog is playing safe and having the best time with the tug. You need to play with your dog. If you are using a tug toy of a triangle shape, you have to pull it from one end while your dog pulls from the other. It is safe for your pet and will not affect your dog’s teeth. 

Flopping Fish Toy

The best Dog Toy that is a favorite item for your pet but is technically a choice for a cat is a flopping fish. Dog owners have stated that dogs are very attracted to moving fish but do not treat them like an eatable item; rather, they play with them as friends. It is a very attractive toy that most dogs want to buy for their pet. 

Bouncy Fetch Toy

If your dog is not very happy while playing regular fetch and you think it is boring while playing the game, then the best toy for you is a bouncy fetch toy. The toy has a different approach and is perfect for your dog. If you are not available to play with your dog, you can also use this toy, as the dog can automatically play with this toy. 

Puzzle Feeder

You can also improve the smartness of your dog if you use a puzzle while feeding them. Most pet owners say that your pet’s training and eating time should be at the same time. If you make your dog solve the puzzle before they get their meal, they will be attracted to solve the game and improve their smartness to the next level. Puzzle Feeder is one of the best dog toys for you to have. 

Teaser Pole

A teaser pole is also a very good toy for your dog when you are not at home, but you leave your dog behind. There are many training benefits of using this toy. Whenever the dog tries to bite the toy, it pulls itself, so it is a great impulse control toy for your pet and has great reviews from pet owners. 

Dog toys are very important for keeping your dog active and lively. Your pet will become lazy if there is no activity for the dog to do every day, and if they are not playing any games. You need to play with your dog regularly so that they are happy. You can check the collection at Dog Friendly Co to buy the best dog toy. 

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