How to Prepare Green Tea ?

Given its advantages, green tea is among the greatest beverages for health. Despite the fact that it tastes bland, green, and bitter, many of us are aware of its health benefits and begin taking it before giving up. The method you use to prepare green tea matters since it can improve the flavor and enable you to take advantage of all its advantages.

What Is Green Tea?

China is where green tea drinking first gained popularity. Antioxidant-rich green tea, also known as Camellia sinensis, is a non-fermented tea. The highest point is where the tea pickers must harvest the new leaves. After that, the processing of these loose tea leaves is done in a way that minimizes oxidation.

How Green Tea Improves Your Health?

Green tea’s antioxidants, or catechins, are what give it all its health advantages. During a hangover, drinking a cup or two of green tea helps, or at least it helps me. Green tea helped me feel better because it is packed with antioxidants.

Tips For Preparing Green Tea at Home

It only takes a few simple steps to make the ideal cup of green tea. Green tea can be made primarily in two ways, but it can also be combined with a variety of other helpful components.

1. How To Prepare Green Tea With Leaves?

 The processing of green tea differs from that of black tea that we prepare at home. You must adhere to a few easy steps. Do remember that steeping tea leaves in boiling water over 90°C will turn the tea bitter while preparing green tea. Thus, steep it in slightly warm water.

2.  How Do You Use Tea Bags to Make Green Tea?

For many people, green tea bags are, well, handy. With just a cup of hot water, they are easily transportable and may be instantly transformed into a hot beverage. Thus, this is how to make a green tea cup using a green tea bag. Make sure the tea bags are made of unbleached material if you plan to use them. To make them white, most tea bags are bleached, and you definitely don’t want any bleach to taint your antioxidant-rich beverage!

3. How to Use Powder to Brew Green Tea

Green tea powder, which is widely accessible in stores, can also be used to make green tea. This is the ideal method for making organic green tea with powdered green tea. Once it reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat. Allow it to cool for a short while now. To the water, add the powdered green tea. Green tea should soak for around three minutes, but you can taste it after one and a half minutes to see whether it’s strong enough. Three minutes should have seen the color turn brown. Transfer it via a sieve. Pour the tea into the cup after adding the honey.

Tips for Brewing Green Tea

You need to keep the water-to-tea ratio at 5:3 when making green tea. This implies that in order to make 3 grams of green tea, you need 5 ounces of water. Water used to be less contaminated, but things have changed. As a result, we provide special attention to water quality. You have to filter the water you use. If you are certain about the source, you can also use tap water. Never use purified water.

The temperature of the water is very important while making green tea. Avoid boiling the water because this can lessen the health benefits of green tea. I always keep my temperature around 170 degrees Fahrenheit, or 85 degrees Celsius.

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