Is Carter Kench Gay? Sexuality And Partner – Is He Dating Canon Ryder?

American TikTok sensation Carter Kench, also known as CringeCarter, is not gay, nor does he share that inclination with his friend and fellow creator Canon Ryder.

Recently, he gained fame by riding the wave of popular celebrities on TikTok, amassing nearly a million followers.

Moreover, he is not alone in his mindset, as he has befriended others who share his audience, traveling and having a great time together.

Is Carter Kench Gay? What Is His Sexuality?
Internet personality Carter Kench has not publicly addressed his sexuality or identified as gay, but he has shown an interest in women.

While he associates with a diverse group of friends across the orientation spectrum, he has not openly discussed his own.

Given his youth and newfound fame, it’s natural for him to explore different avenues and discover his preferences.

Undoubtedly, the TikTok sensation was born on November 9, 2002, making him 19 years old. Hailing from Georgia, he has achieved significant success over the years, garnering viral fame multiple times.

His audience adores his comedic lip-syncing and musical montages, especially appreciating the witty captions that accompany them.

Starting from humble beginnings, he began his journey towards internet fame in 2016 at the age of 13 by uploading videos to YouTube. Despite initially struggling to attract the desired traffic with vlogs, dance clips, and various fun videos, he persisted in his efforts.

Though faced with setbacks, he refused to give up and eventually found success by capitalizing on the trend of TikTok, where he quickly gained popularity and emerged as a rising star on the platform.

It didn’t take him long to discover his niche, as he is active on YouTube, frequently sharing food challenge videos and glimpses of his daily life while inviting his friends to join him in his test recordings.

Indeed, his channel, Carter Kench, has amassed over 825 thousand subscribers and has uploaded more than 196 videos since its inception.

Who Is Carter Kench’s Partner – Is He Dating Canon Ryder?
Known as Cringer Carter, Carter Kench has never discussed having a partner or expressed romantic interest in Canon Ryder.

The two men are long-time collaborators and close friends, so it wouldn’t necessarily surprise anyone if people speculated that there was something more between them.

Similarly to Kench, Ryder is a comedic content creator active on both TikTok and YouTube, though he is two years older than Kench. Hailing from La Jolla, he has amassed over 5 million followers who tune in to his daily life, a journey that began in March 2020.

Initially, Ryder collaborated with Scott Kress and Mattie Westbrook, creating videos together to share more about their lives and establish a presence on YouTube.

However, their collaborations have always remained within the bounds of friendship, maintaining a healthy and non-self-important approach to their content.

Despite minding their own business, people have emerged with various theories about them due to their quirky yet entertaining personalities.

Currently, Ryder’s focus remains on his family and his cat Larry, whom he frequently features in his online content.

To stay updated with his endeavors, you can follow him on Instagram under the handle carterkench, where he boasts a following of 156k dedicated followers.

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