Charlotte Ritchie Sexuality: Is Not Gay But Came Out As Queer, Meet Her Partner Mae Martin

There’s considerable curiosity surrounding Charlotte Ritchie’s sexuality. The English actress and musician gained recognition for her roles as Oregon in the E4 TV series “Misfits” and Hannah in “Siblings.” Hailing from England, Charlotte Anne Ritchie was also part of All Angels, a classical crossover band.

Ritchie’s standout performances include Barbara Gilbert in the BBC drama “Call the Midwife,” Barbara Gilbert in the Channel 4 comedy “Fresh Meat,” Alison in “Dead Pixels,” and George in “Feel Good.”

Since 2019, she has portrayed Alison in “Dead Pixels” and appeared in “Ghosts,” two BBC comedies centered around a young couple inheriting a haunted property. Additionally, she starred alongside Mae Martin in the Channel 4 sitcom “Feel Good” as George, with the Netflix TV show debuting in 2020.

Ritchie joined the cast of Taskmaster for its eleventh season, which aired on Channel 4 from March to May 2021. In 2022, she became a series regular in the cast of the fourth season of “You.” Stay tuned to learn more about Charlotte Ritchie’s sexuality.

Charlotte Ritchie’s Sexuality: Not Defined by a Single Label, But Came Out as Queer
In a 2020 interview with the British magazine Attitude, Ritchie openly discussed her sexuality, revealing that she identifies as LGBT.

When asked about her sexual orientation, Ritchie responded, “I don’t know… perhaps. I’m not sure. Still figuring things out.” She went on to express her attraction to both men and women, despite currently being single.

Furthermore, Ritchie confessed uncertainty about whether she would define herself as bisexual or pansexual. This revelation marks a significant shift for Ritchie, who is primarily known for her work in heterosexual-focused television shows.

Ritchie’s decision to come out marks a significant stride in queer representation within the media, offering hope to her queer admirers that they may see her in queer-centric roles in the future.

Meet Her Partner Mae Martin
As of now, Charlotte Ritchie’s marital status remains single. However, rumors abound regarding a potential romantic involvement with Mae Martin, a comedian and actor. Despite the speculation, the pair has not yet made their relationship public.

Mae Martin is a Canadian comedian, actor, and author, known for their role in the Netflix series “Feel Good,” where they co-starred alongside Ritchie. Ritchie, aged 32, gained fame through her roles in productions such as “Call the Midwife” and “Fresh Meat.” Despite her relatively recent rise to prominence, it’s noteworthy that Ritchie also appeared in the Harry Potter film series.

Her portrayal of a Slytherin Girl in the fourth Harry Potter film adaptation was a particularly enjoyable experience for her. Additionally, MyLondon shares stories about life in London, where Ritchie was thrilled to collaborate with Lisa Watts once again.

Charlotte Ritchie Biography:
Charlotte Ritchie, born on August 29, 1989, will be 33 years old in 2022. She hails from an upper-middle-class family in Clapham Town, London, United Kingdom. Ritchie is of English and British descent and follows the Christian faith. During her formative years, she attended James Allen’s Girls’ School in Dulwich, South London, while also participating in the Youth Music Theatre.

Later, she pursued higher education at The University of Bristol, where she obtained a degree in dramatization and English. Her passion for the entertainment industry emerged at the age of 11, and she dedicated herself to pursuing that dream.

Robin Ritchie and Elise Ritchie are Charlotte Ritchie’s parents. Her father, Robin Ritchie, works as a businessman, while her mother, Elise Ritchie, is a homemaker. Charlotte Ritchie has two siblings: Alice Ritchie, an accomplished journalist, and Luke Ritchie, a singer.

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