Why are people buying Dota 2 accounts in 2024?

Are you wondering why Dota 2 accounts are so much in demand these days? Why are people buying Dota 2 accounts like crazy? If you have sensed this, you are a keen observer. Buying and selling of Dota 2 accounts has been going on for a long time in the Dota 2 eSports community, but this time things are a bit different. And, in this article, you will find everything you should know about it.

Before moving to what has changed let’s look at the old reasons why people bought Dota 2 accounts. Because those are still prevalent. People have been buying Dota 2 accounts to save time and energy. By purchasing a Dota 2 account they are able to bypass placement matches and start their journey directly from ranked matches. Another reason is the urge to play in higher ranks. 

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 Moreover, players also buy high-rank Dota 2 accounts to experience a better gaming environment. Because in lower rank players are more likely to throw matches. So, to save themselves from this, players buy high-rank accounts as this happens less often when you play with experts and pro players who are very serious about the game.

The Main Reason Why People Are Buying Dota 2 Accounts in 2024

The sudden rise in the buying of Dota 2 accounts in 2024 is mainly due to the Smurf update. To understand this, you need to know a lil background.

Recently, Valve has banned many accounts of professional players such as Stinger. The accounts that are banned are not the ordinary ones but the Smurf accounts that were deliberately kept at lower ranks. Reasons behind the ban include meeting the demand of the Dota 2 community, ensuring accurate matchmaking by preventing manipulation of Match Making Rating (MMR), leveling the playing field to promote fair competition, and encouraging new players by preventing the frustration they experienced while playing against Smurf accounts.

So, now those pro players whose Smurf accounts are banned are buying Dota 2 accounts. Those players are in the thousands. This is the main reason behind the sudden increase in Dota 2 accounts buying and selling activities in 2024.

Which Dota 2 accounts are in high demand in 2024?

Since the developer has banned a large number of Smurf accounts, the Dota 2 accounts that are in high demand in 2024 are lower-rank accounts. Because these Smurf accounts were kept at lower ranks by professional players after the ban, they are looking for substitutes.

So, the Dota 2 accounts are in high demand in 2024 are:

1. Herald Accounts

2. Guardian Accounts

3. Crusader Accounts

4. Archon Accounts

These are the four ranks that are hit by the Valve’s pro accounts Smurf ban.

Where I can sell Dota 2 accounts in 2024?

If you have a lower rank Dota 2 account then you can make a fortune this year. The basic economics tells: As The Demand Increases, Prices Also Increase. You can sell your Dota 2 account to those pro players. Below are a few sites where you can sell your Dota 2 account in 2024:

1. PlayerAuctions

2. G2G

3. VikingDota

4. iGV

5. PlayerUp

Things to consider while buying Dota 2 accounts in 2024

As Dota 2 account buying and selling has increased in 2024, you need to exercise extra caution. Follow these tips for a safe and secure purchase.

1. Verify the reputation of the account seller through reviews, testimonials, or community feedback.

2. Check for the account’s MMR (Match Making Rating) and rank to ensure it meets your desired criteria.

3. Ensure the account comes with secure login credentials.

4. Read the Terms and Conditions.

5. Use secure payment methods and platforms to protect your financial information.


In conclusion, the surge in Dota 2 account transactions in 2024 can be attributed to the significant changes brought about by the Smurf update, which has banned professional players’ Smurf accounts. The ban, driven by community demands for fair play and accurate matchmaking, has created a substantial demand for lower-rank accounts, particularly in Herald, Guardian, Crusader, and Archon ranks. As pro players seek substitutes for their banned Smurf accounts, the market for Dota 2 accounts has witnessed a rapid increase. Sellers with lower-rank accounts now find themselves in a favorable position to capitalize on this demand. However, if you want to buy a Dota 2 account you need to exercise caution because scammers are also out to make real money.

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