Who Is Jestinna Kuan Father Dato Jefri Kuan? Her Mother Siblings And Family Ethnicity

Were you aware that Jestinna Kuan’s father isn’t just a successful entrepreneur? He is also a devoted spouse, father, and an online entertainment star.

Jestinna Kuan is a well-known and respected influencer with over 583 thousand followers on Instagram.

She is joined in her professional pursuits by her younger sister, Christinna, a fashion and beauty influencer, and her younger brother, Perry, a DJ and entrepreneur.

Jestinna Kuan’s father is Dato’ Jefri Kuan, a successful entrepreneur based in Malaysia. As the owner of Vin Kerr Venture Sdn, Bhd., he has established a thriving furniture and sofa accessories trading company from the ground up.

Not content with complacency, this enterprising individual is always seeking ways to enhance and expand his business even further.

However, Dato’ Jefri Kuan is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a devoted spouse and father. Married to Datin Kuan for over 25 years, the couple has raised three talented and accomplished children: Jestinna, Christinna, and Perry Kuan.

But that’s not all – this dynamic individual is also an active participant in online entertainment, frequently appearing in the music videos of his daughter Jestinna.

His passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and it’s no surprise that he has garnered a significant following in the realm of online entertainment.

With his business acumen, loving family, and savvy in virtual entertainment, Dato’ Jefri Kuan truly exemplifies a modern Renaissance man.

His enduring energy and accomplishments are truly inspiring, making him a role model for all of us.

Regarding Jestinna Kuan’s family and nationality, Dato’ and Datin Kuan proudly parent three successful and talented children: Jestinna, Christinna, and Perry Kuan.

The Kuan family traces its roots to China, and it is believed that their ancestors migrated to Malaysia in the past. They regularly celebrate Chinese New Year and exhibit more Chinese cultural features than Malaysian.

Based on the gestures and activities depicted in their Instagram posts, it is suggested that the Kuan family may follow the Buddhist religion.

Jestinna, the eldest sibling at 26, is an entrepreneur and content creator. Known for her confident and positive presence in online entertainment, she hopes her YouTube channel will provide people with a better understanding of her authentic, genuine self.

Christinna, the middle sibling at 24, is a fashion and beauty influencer known as “Ms. Kuan” in the virtual entertainment sphere. She has collaborated with renowned brands globally, including the US, France, Finland, Turkey, Italy, and other Asian countries.

Perry Kuan, the youngest sibling at 21, is known as “DJ Perry K” in online entertainment. Currently balancing entrepreneurship with his passion for DJing, Perry possesses a natural flair for comedy.

Perry has a keen interest in acting and intends to pursue it further on TikTok.

As for Jestinna Kuan’s net worth, it is estimated to be around $500,000 in the current year.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and content creator, Jestinna is also a pharmacist. She has collaborated with renowned brands such as Settle and Milo for paid endorsements.

Her diverse skill set and expertise contribute significantly to her impressive net worth and success in various fields. Jestinna is acknowledged and influential in both the business and healthcare sectors, with her accomplishments reflecting her dedication and hard work.

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