Who is Jay All Day aka Jaykindafunny Girlfriend Amariah Morales? How Long Have They Been Dating?

Jay All Day, also known as Jaykindafunny, has been in a long-term relationship with his sweetheart, Amariah Morales.

When a celebrity enters into a romantic connection, it often becomes a topic of public discussion. Similarly, content creator Jaykindafunny recently made a commitment to his relationship with Amariah Morales, surprising the internet, especially since he was previously linked to someone else.

Amariah Morales, Jay’s current girlfriend, is an Instagram model and online entertainment influencer renowned for her captivating looks.

Frequently showcasing various brands, she shares a multitude of pictures on her Instagram, gaining popularity for her stylish attire, lingerie, and more.

Her Instagram handle, @amariahmorales, boasts 309k followers, while she follows approximately 1k individuals. Expanding her online presence, Amariah has ventured into TikTok, creating content that includes trending challenges and various dance moves. Her substantial fanbase spans across multiple online entertainment platforms.

As for the duration of their relationship, Jaykindafunny and Amariah Morales have been dating for an extended period. However, the exact date when they started their relationship remains undisclosed.

They recently confirmed their relationship to their followers, dispelling previous rumors of Jaykindafunny’s involvement with Aileen Christine as untrue.

Jay has openly discussed and showcased his relationship with Amariah, with the couple collaboratively creating content. Amariah frequently joins Jay in his TikTok videos, and she has started sharing various videos and content featuring her boyfriend across her online entertainment accounts. Additionally, she has posted pictures with Jay on her Instagram, one of which she captioned with ‘my everything.’

The evident deep affection between the two is evident, and their fans have expressed admiration for the content they produce together.

What is Jaykindafunny’s Real Name? Jaykindafunny’s actual name is Jay, although he is primarily recognized by his stage name. As an American TikTok and YouTube sensation, he has garnered substantial online entertainment followings, primarily known for sharing prank videos on his platforms.

His engaging and interactive content has enabled him to amass a large virtual fan base. Born on August 18, 2001, he is set to turn 20 in the early months of 2022.

Hailing from The Bronx, New York, Jay is an American by nationality. In a video from June 2019, he showcased his prank skills by fooling not only his father but also numerous others.

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