Who Is Burgundy Waller Aka Chip Girl’s Husband, Mike Caldwell? Everything To Know

Burgundy Waller, recognized as Chip Lady on TikTok, stands as a formidable presence in the realm of web-based entertainment. Sporting a chip embedded in her hand, she effortlessly unlocks doors without the need for traditional keys.

Her decision to integrate the chip into her hand is attributed to her husband, Mike Caldwell, a seasoned tech expert with over two decades of experience in a related field. On TikTok, he goes by the moniker The Chip Fellow.

The Chip Lady boasts a substantial following of over 3 million on her immensely popular TikTok account. Here, she regularly shares diverse videos, providing glimpses into her daily life enhanced by the convenience of the embedded chip.

Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside their pet dogs, the couple’s home and furry companions frequently take center stage in the @chipgirlhere TikTok account.

The Caldwell couple has garnered admiration for their embrace of innovation, seamlessly incorporating it into their daily lives. In this piece, Showbizcorner delves into the couple’s background, shedding light on their personal and professional details.

Mike Caldwell, the spouse of Chip Lady Burgundy Waller, is an influential figure as the Managing Partner at Casascius Capital LLC. The couple’s journey began with a period of dating before Waller proposed to Caldwell, leading to their confidential wedding ceremony in October 2019 in California.

Known for their openness in sharing their love through virtual entertainment, the Caldwell couple frequently features each other in their posts. Recently, they joyously celebrated their third wedding anniversary, expressing heartfelt sentiments on their Instagram.

Chip Lady, also known as Burgundy Waller, occasionally showcases her husband on her immensely popular TikTok account. The couple exudes happiness, residing together with their cherished pet dogs.

Mike Caldwell brings a wealth of experience to his role as the husband of Chip Lady. He has an extensive background in financial and management firms, having joined Casascius Capital in March 2018, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Before his tenure at Casascius Capital, Caldwell had a notable association with Swipeclock, a company specializing in workforce management solutions. As the founder of Swipeclock in 1999, he led the company to consistent recognition in Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies from around 2009.

Under his leadership, the company achieved $7.5 million in annual revenue with over 30% EBITDA and a workforce of 35 employees before a confidential equity position.

In 2014, Moelis Capital Partners acquired Swipeclock, and after a 17-year tenure, Caldwell left the company. Preceding Swipeclock, he founded MC2 Consulting Services, Inc. and worked as an Independent Software Engineer for several years.

Burgundy Waller, known as Chip Young Lady, has kept her family background private online, but we do know that she is an American woman with a Caucasian ethnic background. She is married to an American entrepreneur and tech enthusiast named Mike Caldwell.

In one of her TikTok videos, Chip Young Lady amusingly revealed that she was named after Burgundy wine by her parents. Interestingly, she mentioned being raised in a Mormon family that abstains from consuming wine.

Despite her openness on TikTok, Chip Young Lady does not showcase her parents or siblings in her videos, making it challenging to learn more about her family. While many articles explore celebrities and their family backgrounds, details about Chip Young Lady’s family foundation remain undisclosed.

As for her financial standing, Chip Young Lady, a TikTok sensation, boasts a net worth of $1 million. Her primary source of income is her thriving career as a TikTok influencer, where she commands a substantial following, earning a living as an online entertainment powerhouse.

In the current landscape, being a full-time online influencer provides a lucrative avenue for income. According to ZipRecruiter, a TikTok influencer can earn an estimated $52,681 annually, equivalent to around $25 per hour.

Chip Young Lady’s @chipgirlhere TikTok account boasts over 3.1 million followers, with more than 147 million likes across her 220-plus uploads. Judging by her sizable following alone, it is evident that she has successfully built a career as an influencer, generating significant earnings.

Furthermore, Burgundy Waller’s spouse, Mike Caldwell, is a seasoned technology expert who served as the director and mastermind behind the development of the timeclock machine and an accompanying online payroll processing suite known as Swipeclock.

Under Caldwell’s leadership, the company achieved impressive financial success, generating $7.5 million in annual revenue with over 30% EBITDA. In 2014, he orchestrated the sale of the company to Moelis Capital Partners and departed in 2017. Currently, he holds the position of Managing Partner at Casascius Capital LLC, a financial firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Maintaining an active presence on TikTok, Caldwell manages his own account, @chipguyhere, boasting a substantial following of over 87,000 followers. Regularly showcasing the technological advancements he employs, he has amassed approximately 400,000 likes from his audience.

Chip Lady, on the other hand, consistently displays her opulent lifestyle to her followers. With the innovative chip technology integrated into her hand, Chip Lady lives a lifestyle that is truly contemporary and advanced.

The chip embedded in her hand allows her to effortlessly unlock doors without the need for traditional keys. Her advanced lifestyle, propelled by this technology, has garnered attention, resulting in various documentaries and features highlighting her unique way of living.

Mike Caldwell, a tech expert with over two decades of experience, played a pivotal role in persuading his spouse, Burgundy Waller, to implant the chip in her hand some time ago. Fast forward to the present, Waller is now recognized as the Chip Lady, effortlessly unlocking doors with a simple wave of her hand, eliminating the need for traditional keys.

Caldwell has successfully integrated the chip feature not only into their home but also into their car and secure doors. His wife proudly showcases this innovative technology, making a living by doing so. Showbizcorner extends best wishes to the Chip couple, Burgundy Waller and Mike Caldwell, for their future endeavors.

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