What Happened To Sam Lovegrove? Why Is He Not In The Series Shed And Buried

Sam is a seasoned motorcycle mechanic, television personality, and celebrity renowned for his program, Shred and Buried.

He gained prominence through his appearances on the popular TV series The MotorBike Show, where he collaborated with his friend Henry Cole.

Prior to achieving fame, Sam was involved in notable engineering projects and had a background at Gemini Accident Repair Center Limited. His operational base is located in Redruth, a town situated in Cornwall, England.

Shed and Buried is a television program where Sam Lovegrove and Henry Cole embark on a journey across the United Kingdom to explore people’s sheds in search of old motorcycles and cars that they can purchase.

Upon acquiring these vintage bikes and vehicles, they refurbish them into functional machines, subsequently offering them for sale to potential buyers.

What’s happening with Sam Lovegrove? According to a video by Henry on YouTube, Sam Lovegrove was bitten by a bug.

This bike enthusiast duo, serving as TV engineering detectives, scours the sheds of Britain for overlooked and hidden treasures, including vintage bikes and cars.

The beloved shed experts, Sam Lovegrove and Henry Cole, return to television to seek out more automotive treasures lying dormant in the sheds, barns, and garages across the country.

Why is Sam Lovegrove absent from the series Shed and Buried? Shed and Buried showcases Sam and Henry as they travel to discover overlooked gems on two, three, and four wheels, intending to refurbish auto memorabilia for profitable resale.

On Find It, Fix it, Drive it, Sam and Henry search for unique vehicles to restore and utilize for their original intended purposes.

Did Sam Lovegrove have an accident? There is no information linked to any accident involving the TV presenter, Sam, in any online portals.

ITV’s Junk and Disorderly is a reputable motorcycle auction and autojumble in the UK, where they purchase discarded model antiques from others and restore them to sell at a profit.

Where is Sam Lovegrove now? Despite being a celebrity, Sam prefers to keep his personal life private, and there is no available information on his educational and family background.

As per thrilling.com, Sam’s operational base is in Redruth, a town in Cornwall, England.

According to classicmotorcycle.co.uk, both Henry and Sam share a passion for motorcycles – Henry is the host of The Motorbike Show and World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides, while Sam, a Brough Superior design engineer, possesses the ability to repair almost anything, with the show frequently featuring motorcycles.

The Travel Channel hosts, Sam and Henry, are gearing up to film their next series, exploring the garages and sheds across the UK.

For updates, you can check their Instagram account.

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