The fantastic Claudio Gentile

Claudio Gentile is a legendary Italian former football defender. Right now you can place wagers on other great players from this part of the world too.

Many people say that he turned defending into an art form, albeit one with a bit of an edge. Born in Libya but making his name in Italy, he became synonymous with a style of play that was as effective as it was, let’s say, uncompromising. The 1xBet official website can also be used if you want to wager on the Italian Serie A and other fantastic football competitions as well.

Let’s get into some numbers to give an idea of just how big a deal Gentile was:

  • he played in Juventus between 1973 and 1984;
  • he played 283 matches for the Vecchia Signora;
  • and also, he got lots of titles with the Turin team too.

His titles include 6 Serie A titles, a couple of Coppa Italias, and 1 UEFA Cup to name just a few.

Excelling in international football

Now, when talking about international play, Gentile wore the Italy shirt 71 times. Right now you can on other great players that play for the Italian national side.

But it’s not about how many times he played; it’s about when and how he played. Take the 1982 World Cup, for example. Here Italy’s victorious campaign is legendary, and Gentile was right at the heart of it. The way he marked Diego Maradona out of the game against Argentina was nothing short of a masterclass. A great reason to try the 1xBet live bets is to try to wager on matches between Argentina and Italy too.

It wasn’t just about stopping Maradona; it was about sending a message that Italy was there to win, no matter what it took.

A player that played with an incomparable passion

When talking about Gentile, it is important to go beyond stats and numbers. If you want to wager on other extraordinary footballers, go to is waiting for you.

He played with a fire in his belly. He was tough, no doubt. Some might say he played right on the edge, but that’s what made him stand out. He had this incredible ability to get under the skin of the opposition, to get into their heads, and yet, off the field, he was a completely different person. He was calm, collected, and, by many accounts, a real gentleman. If you enjoy the Italian Serie A, you can try your online football betting at the 1xBet platform, where its best players and matches are always featured.

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