The Best VPNs for Argentina in 2024

Having the best Argentina VPN service at your disposal would be a huge benefit whether you are an Argentinian citizen or simply a visitor planning a trip to the South American nation soon.

The province of Argentina is full of stunning landscapes and has a remarkably active culture. So it is understandable why it welcomes almost 7 million tourists annually. This destination should be on everyone’s travel wish list because of its delectable cuisine, the mystique of the traditional Tango dance, and astounding natural wonders like the Andes Mountains, the Iguazu Falls, and Patagonia.

But regarding privacy issues, Argentina ticks all the right boxes to sound the alarms.

In recent years, Argentina has implemented monetary laws preventing Argentines from exchanging their currency and engaging in similar activities. New dangers emerge as the populace becomes used to this.

For instance, the country’s Ministry of Security has recommended the government deploy cyber patrols to exercise greater control over Argentineans’ online activity.

The latter impacts not just residents of Argentina but also the millions of visitors whose personal information may be at risk. Additionally, because of the rules, locals and visitors would encounter difficulties accessing websites or other information with an Argentinian IP address.

In this situation, relying on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the only viable option. A trustworthy VPN is also necessary to safely access films and other content on streaming platforms. Additionally, it can assist in opening a virtual account overseas.

Are you prepared to learn about the top VPNs that can bypass Argentine limitations and secure internet traffic? As we reveal the top five VPN choices, fasten your seatbelt.

The Most Reliable VPN Service in Argentina

The table below compares the essential characteristics of Argentina’s top VPNs. We give detailed information on each VPN service below the chart, including our top pick, ExtremeVPN.

Global servers vs. Argentine servers
There is just one Argentina server in Buenos Aires, the Capital City of Argentina.
Sixty-five hundred plus people worldwide, scattered throughout 78+ nations.
There is just one Argentina server in Buenos Aires, the Capital City of Argentina.
Three thousand people worldwide, scattered throughout 94 countries.
In Buenos Aires, there are twenty Argentine servers.
Five thousand five hundred people were distributed throughout 60 nations.
Protocols for VPNOpenVPN,IKEv2,WireGuardLightway, IKEv2, OpenVPNOpenVPN, WireGuard, IPSec/IKEv2
Encryption SystemAES-256-Bit EncryptionAES-256-GCM EncryptionAES 256-bit Encryption
Connections that exist at the same timeTen devices are active at the same time.05 devices are active at the same time.06 devices are busy at the same time.
Prices$3.29/ per month (annual plan)and $6.67/month (yearly plan).It offers three yearly options, the most basic starting at $4.99.
Special offerOver 68% off the annual plan.49% off the yearly plan, including 03 months free.A two-year program can save you up to 59%. The monthly payment is $6.69.

1. ExtremeVPN

It’s the Best VPN provider in Argentina, with lightning-fast servers worldwide, trustworthy encryption, and efficient unblocking.

Extreme VPN offers a huge network of servers in over 78+ nations for smooth world access. You may benefit from the best protection against cyber threats with over 6,500+ servers at your disposal thanks to its strong security features, which include military-grade 256-bit encryption. Enjoy remarkable browsing speeds while remaining protected.

When there are any problems with the VPN connection, the built-in kill switch automatically disconnects your internet, adding an extra layer of security. It uses uncrackable 256-bit encryption to guarantee that your internet transmissions are secure and confidential.


  • Strengthening Security Features
  • Ability to get information
  • It has Networks of 78+ nations and more than 6500+ servers
  • Compatible with a variety of gadgets
  • Quick and flexible assistance


  • Limited trial offer
  • Reviews are very diverse

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services in Argentina for online work. It guarantees user data security while delivering a continuous streaming experience.

ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers across 94 countries, including Argentina, with one in Buenos Aires. It is just one of the many astounding advantages of the service. It also offers one of the fastest VPN services on the market.

Its Smart Location function, which enables users to choose the optimum server location depending on distance and latency, is amazing. Other notable features include Split tunneling, which allows users to designate particular programs that require virtual servers, and an automated kill switch (Network Lock) that triggers if the VPN connection fails.


  • Boasts unbreakable encryption and superior security
  • Industry leader with lightning-fast connection speeds
  • Most servers permit high-speed torrenting


  • Only a location, not a specific server, may be selected

3. NordVPN

A legacy VPN client that uses high-security encryption to protect your connection. It has several high-performance servers in Argentina and sophisticated security measures.

One of the fastest VPNs accessible, NordVPN’s remarkable average speed of 369 Mbps demonstrates its exceptional performance. Users may watch, browse, and download without lag or slowdowns because of its fast connection speed.

NordVPN’s vast server network provides customers with various connecting methods and locations thanks to its over 5500 quick servers (nine in Buenos Aires, Argentina). Users are guaranteed low-latency, high-bandwidth connections for flawless online activities because of this extensive infrastructure.


  • Prevents any outside meddling
  • Has a top-tier, extensive server network
  • Apps with user-friendly interfaces and simple navigation


  • The program runs slowly on Windows iOS

Easy Steps for Using an Argentine VPN

Are you interested in Argentine VPN usage? Don’t worry; even though the procedure as a whole is relatively simple, it’s useful to have a step-by-step manual to ensure a successful outcome. So, we go into further detail below on how to obtain an IP address from Argentina.

1. Pick a Single Supplier

Choose the most acceptable Argentina VPN that satisfies your needs out of the ones available. ExtremeVPN is the greatest VPN service on the market, combining the most exceptional and noteworthy features into a single bundle. That’s why we highly suggest it. Take advantage of the VPN’s offer to enjoy safe connections, military-grade encryption, and a wide selection of servers worldwide by taking advantage of the over 68% discount on the annual subscription.

2. Installing the VPN Program after Downloading It

Visit the VPN’s official website to download the app after choosing a VPN service. Install the app on your smartphone next.

3. Enter your Account Information to Log In

Use your login information to launch the VPN application.

3. Join a Server at a Destination of Interest

In your VPN, locate the server area and connect to a server that permits you to complete your online task.

4. Deactivate Internet Restrictions

Once connected to the server, you’ll have no geographical constraints on your internet usage.

Our Methodology for Choosing the Right VPN 

When selecting one of the top VPNs for Argentina, you must consider the essential VPN features for a seamless experience. Consider the following qualities when choosing a VPN service provider:

  • A large number of servers: If one isn’t operating at its best, you may quickly switch to another with a VPN with a large server network. The best Argentine VPN should have at least one server, ideally P2P, even if few servers are available in Argentina on any of the available VPNs.
  • Average quick and reliable speed: You need a VPN that delivers quick and dependable speeds to watch videos without interruption or access particular websites.
  • Strong security procedures: Strong security procedures should be in your VPN service to guarantee content restriction evasion.
  • Superior client service: Access to world-class customer care available around the clock may resolve any possible problems and ensure peak performance.
  • An affordable price: When looking for the finest VPN features in Argentina, it is crucial to consider a fair quality-price ratio that guarantees both the affordability and the best features of your VPN.

Why is a VPN Necessary in Argentina?

A VPN is generally required to safeguard your online security and privacy. Using a VPN, you may browse the internet anonymously by connecting to a virtual server in a specific area. Further, some VPNs provide additional security by including built-in ad-blocking and anti-malware features.

Due to the government’s present and expected future policies, a VPN is required in the particular scenario of Argentina. For instance, foreigners living temporarily or permanently in Argentina can establish foreign bank accounts and access material from services like Netflix and Hulu without any restrictions by using a VPN.

How to Obtain an Argentine IP Address

Obtaining an IP address from Argentina is an easy procedure. The following are the measures to take.

  1. Choose a reputable VPN service with Argentinian servers. ExtremeVPN is our top recommendation.
  2. Install the VPN application on your smartphone.
  3. Please sign in to your account.
  4. Join the Argentine server.
  5. Remove geo-restrictions.

The Best VPN for Argentina at a Discount

ExtremeVPN offe­rs fast speeds, reliable­ connections, and world-class security. Use­rs can access all the­ir favorite Argentinian content, stre­am in high definition (HD), and protect their online­ privacy. This opportunity allows individuals to save 49% on a 12-month plan when subscribing to Expre­ssVPN today. So, this is a great opportunity to get one of the best VPNs in the world for a fraction of the price.

The Troubles of Using a Free VPN in Argentina

1. Inability to Bypass Geo-restrictions

Most free VPNs lack DNS/IP leak prevention. In most situations, the websites you access will obtain your IP address, resulting in total content restriction.

2. Server Unavailability

Free VPNs feature small server networks ranging from 5 to 15 server locations. As a result, you’ll have fewer possibilities of exceeding constraints or picking the best-performing servers.

3. Low Speed

Because free VPNs have a maximum speed of 10 Mbps, you will most certainly face latency and buffering difficulties while streaming.

4. Malware Exposure

Free VPNs monetize by stealing users’ data and selling it to various third parties, some of which may be fraudulent. The adverts you engage with on free VPNs almost often include viruses or harmful malware.


While there are dozens of reasons to visit Argentina, there are many weaknesses in terms of privacy and security that you should consider before doing so. For example, the government is getting closer to introducing cyber patrols to monitor the population’s online activity better.

Without a VPN, this may be a difficult problem to solve. However, using a powerful VPN like ExtremeVPN can help you bypass geo-restrictions and improve your online security while accessing the internet.

Furthermore, having access to a VPN is the most efficient solution in Argentina for unconstrained activities such as accessing international content libraries or creating a virtual bank account from overseas.


Can I access Internet banking in Argentina using a VPN?

Yes! To access online banking in Argentina, use a reliable VPN service like ExtremeVPN to connect to an Argentine server.

Why does a VPN improve my privacy?

A VPN allows you to connect from a server in another location while concealing your IP address and information. As a result, any websites you visit will receive information from your VPN connection rather than your data. As a result, your identity is nearly undetectable.

Why is it advisable to use a VPN in Argentina?

The Argentine government’s existing and expected future policies are a key source of concern for privacy and cybersecurity. As a result, the only way to be secure and avoid these concerns is to use a VPN service.

Can a free VPN be used in Argentina?

Although some free VPN services may function in Argentina, utilizing them is not advised due to the hazards involved with these services. Among them are the following:

1. The inability to remove geo-restrictions

2. Server unavailability

3. Slow motion

4. Malware infection

Torrenting is illegal in Argentina, although the country’s legislation does not penalize using unlicensed content for personal use. Still, for secure torrenting, utilize a cutting-edge VPN like ExpressVPN.

Yes, VPN services are entirely legal in Argentina.

Would a VPN safeguard my privacy when using public WiFi in Argentina?

A reliable provider like ExpressVPN safeguards your privacy when utilizing public Argentine WiFi networks.

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