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Kurt Caz is a renowned virtual entertainment personality and travel vlogger originating from South Africa. Documenting his journeys, he shares travel logs on his YouTube channel. Managing a widely followed YouTube channel bearing his name, he boasts over 1,000,000 subscribers.

Kurt Caz is particularly recognized for his travel vlogs on his YouTube channel. Gaining rapid popularity, he has achieved fame on the platform with viral hits such as “Avoid This Naughty Street In Medellin!” and “Venezuelan Girl Takes Me Into Her Hood, Petare.”

Real NameKurt Caz
Professiontravel vlogger & social media star
Age31 [as of 2023]
Date of Birth30 April 1998
BirthplaceSouth Africa
HometownPlettenberg, South Africa
Zodiac SignPisces
NationalitySouth African
CollegeDidn’t attend
Famous ForMaking YouTube videos

Within a few months of their upload, each of his videos has garnered a considerable number of views. However, after a brief hiatus from YouTube, concerns have arisen about his apparent disappearance. Let’s delve into the situation.

Is Kurt Caz Still Unavailable in 2022? Kurt Caz is not missing; just five days ago, he reassured his fans by updating his YouTube channel with new videos. The title of the video he posted was “Caught by The Secret Service in Caracas, Venezuela.”

Caz’s most impactful journey served as the catalyst for creating travel vlogs on a global scale. His initial venture to Southern Africa with his father and brother ignited a passion for travel, prompting a desire to explore more.

Inspired by the exploits of Harald Baldr, who traveled without clothes and funds, Kurt watched their videos and aspired to emulate them. With a newfound enthusiasm, he commenced exploring various locations across Europe.

Capitalizing on lower airline costs that enabled him to travel affordably to neighboring countries, Kurt decided to venture into travel vlogging, and fortunately, it proved successful for him.

On March 13, 2016, he launched his YouTube channel. Prior to finding inspiration in Harald Baldr, he had already begun producing travel videos, which, unfortunately, fell short of expectations.

In September 2019, he resumed creating videos. Before returning to South Africa, he released a few films during his time in Europe. One day, he made the spontaneous decision to use all his savings to travel to Egypt, a choice that profoundly transformed his life. During his time in Egypt, he extensively documented his experiences through video recordings.

Where Could Kurtz Caz be Today? Kurtz Caz is currently globetrotting and keeps his fans updated on his whereabouts by uploading YouTube videos. In his recent upload, he was exploring Venezuela.

In March 2021, his channel reached 100k subscribers, and since then, it has skyrocketed multiple times. Presently, he boasts over 1.11 million subscribers.

Gaining significant traction, particularly after his Europe travel videos went viral, he garnered numerous followers and millions of views for his entire Egypt series.

Caz’s estimated net worth is $200k, with YouTube being his primary source of income. As a full-time YouTuber, he earns revenue by posting videos on the platform. His channel consistently receives between 5 and 10 million views each month, generating an estimated $12,000 in advertising revenue. Collaborating with brands could potentially increase his earnings, although he seldom advertises brands on his channel.

Supplementing his income, Caz receives contributions from his subscribers through a Patreon account, currently earning between $500 and $1,000 monthly. Subscribers receive additional content in return for their support.

In addition to YouTube, Caz shares condensed versions of his videos on his Instagram profile, where his content thrives with millions of monthly views.

Is Kurt Caz Deceased? No, Kurt Caz is not dead. Instead, he returned to YouTube after an absence of about a month. His most-viewed video, “Inside The Dominican Republic’s Most Dangerous Hood,” has garnered over 10 million views.

Born and raised in the small town of Plettenberg, Kurt Caz has kept details about his parents, including their names, private. Although he wishes to maintain the confidentiality of his personal information, it is known that he has a brother. Both his brother and father have made appearances in previous YouTube videos.

Currently single and not married, Kurt Caz is not interested in having a girlfriend. He is a solo adventurer exploring various countries, with his primary focus on advancing his online entertainment career. While he may have had a past relationship, he is currently dedicated to building his presence in the digital realm.

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