Evita Pilar Duffy Wedding- Sean And Rachel Campos-Duffy Daughter Got Married To Michael Alfonso

Evita Pilar Duffy’s followers were thrilled after the release of her charming wedding photos on social media.

She is the daughter of Fox News commentator Rachel Campos-Duffy and former U.S. Representative Sean Duffy.

Evita Pilar Duffy’s Wedding With Her Boyfriend Turned Husband Michel Alfonso:

Recently, new details about popular student journalist Evita Duffy and her fiancĂ© Michael Alfonso’s wedding have taken over the internet.

On June 24, 2022, at St. Brigid Roman Catholic Church in New Jersey, they embarked on the sacred journey of marriage.

Nearly a year had passed since August 2021 when Alfonso got down on one knee and asked Duffy to marry him. She eagerly accepted the ring, feeling stunned and overjoyed, much like his recent girlfriends.

Despite dating for a considerable period, they had kept the exact start date of their relationship private. However, when Duffy disclosed they had been together since August 2020 by sharing their most cherished photo on Instagram, the media took notice of the couple.

This lovely pair recently surprised everyone by announcing their marriage on June 24, 2022. To keep the announcement as low-key as possible, Evita walked down the aisle before a select group of her closest friends and family.

The couple provided a mere two days’ notice of their wedding on the Duffy family podcast, scheduled for June 22, 2022. Then, two days later, they revealed their engagement. The enchanted couple exchanged vows in the presence of a small gathering of their nearest friends and relatives.

Sean and Rachel Campos-Duffy’s Daughter, Evita Pilar Duffy, Shares Wedding Photos:

Writer Rachel Campos-Duffy’s daughter, Evita, took to social media to share their wedding photos.

However, she only posted a single Instagram picture of the couple sharing a wedding kiss, captioned “I marry my dearest friend :)”

After seeing these adorable photos, their fans were ecstatic, with many offering their congratulations to the newlyweds.

The couple appears to be genuinely in love and happy.

In a Relationship with Michael Alfonso, it seemed that Evita Duffy had not been romantically involved with any other individuals, based on her past interactions and communications.

The couple, particularly Duffy, not only share their love for each other but also their presence on social media. Evita frequently posts pictures of them together on her Instagram, and she also utilizes Twitter actively.

Family of Evita Pilar Duffy And Michael Alfonso:

Evita Duffy is the daughter of Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy.

Her father, Sean, is a prominent politician who gained recognition for his achievements as a former U.S. congressman.

Meanwhile, Rachel, her mother, is a well-known conservative television personality who often appears on MTV reality shows.

Michael appears to be a private individual who prefers not to disclose personal details; therefore, there isn’t much information available about his family and loved ones.

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