Get To Know Bobby Oliver Marx, Barbara Sinatra’s Son

Bobby Oliver Marx is the only biological child of Barbara Sinatra and her significant spouse, Robert Harrison Oliver. Born on October 10, 1950, Bobby, now 72 years old, holds a unique place as Barbara Sinatra’s sole natural offspring, despite her multiple marriages to different men.

Additionally, Bobby Oliver Marx is the father of Barbara’s only natural grandchild, Carina Blakeley Marx. Despite being the child of his mother’s fourth husband, Bobby Oliver Marx is connected to the broader Sinatra family.

Bobby Oliver Marx wasn’t born into wealth; at the time of his birth, his parents, Robert Harrison Oliver and Barbara Ann Blakeley, were navigating the challenges of their relatively short-lived marriage. Robert Harrison Oliver worked as a bartender and aspired to become a singer, while Barbara was still in the early stages of her modeling career.

Full Name: Robert Oliver Marx
Nickname: Bobby
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: October 10, 1950
Age: 72 years old
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Profession: Entertainment Lawyer
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Hillary Roberts
Child: Carina Blakeley Marx
Parents: Robert Harrison Oliver and Barbara Sinatra
Famous for: Being the Son of Barbara Sinatra

Bobby’s mother, who passed away at the age of 90 in 2017, gave birth to him when she was only 23 years old. Meanwhile, his daughter, born in 1999, came into the world when he was 45 years old.

His Parents Got Married in 1948
As mentioned earlier, Bobby’s parents faced challenges from the start. His father, an aspiring musician with dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry, was described as a ‘Sinatra-sounding band vocalist.’ His mother, Barbara Ann Blakeley, was a rising model who had won Model of the Month and Queen of the Belmont shore expo in 1948.

The young and hopeful lovers tied the knot in September 1948 in Los Angeles, California, US. They later moved to New York, where Robert aimed to achieve success in his singing career. While in New York, Barbara continued her modeling career, working with Eileen Ford’s Modeling Agency and posing for renowned publications like Vogue and Life magazines.

It was during their time in New York that she became pregnant with her only child, Robert Oliver (Marx).

The Couple Later Divorced in 1952
Despite Barbara’s success in New York, her husband Robert failed to find success in the Big Apple, and the couple had to move back to the West Coast. In Long Beach, Barbara established her modeling agency – Barbara Blakely School of Modeling and Charm, continuing her prosperous journey in the modeling industry. Perhaps it was the disparity in career successes or the disappointment of a shattered dream that strained the couple’s marriage.

One way or another, they decided to part ways in 1952, just four years into their marriage. Bobby was only 2 years old when his parents divorced.

Bobby Oliver Marx Lived with His Grandmother and Later Became Zeppo Marx’s Stepson
After the divorce, his mother moved to Las Vegas in 1956 to live with her then-boyfriend, Joe Graydon, a singer and DJ. It was in Vegas that she launched her career as a showgirl.

Similar to her most significant marriage, her relationship with Joe Graydon faced financial struggles, and soon enough, the pair went their separate ways. Meanwhile, as Barbara worked in Vegas, young Bobby stayed with her mother (Bobby’s grandmother) in Long Beach.

While working at the Vegas Riviera Hotel, Barbara met Zeppo Marx of the famous Marx Brothers. After three years of occasional dating, the pair got married in 1959. Barbara gracefully ‘retired’ from the stage alongside her husband and moved into the latter’s lavish estate on the grounds of the Tamarisk Country Club.

This meant that Bobby experienced a remarkable transformation in his life, getting to taste a new life of affluence courtesy of his new stepfather.

Bobby Oliver Marx has a compound last name, a rarity for men who typically retain their birth surnames. In addition to his biological father’s name ‘Oliver,’ Bobby adopted his stepfather Zeppo Marx’s last name as he became part of the new family following his parents’ divorce and his mother’s marriage to Zeppo Marx.

Zeppo Marx essentially embraced Bobby as his own, leading to Robert Oliver being known as Robert Oliver Marx. This name has endured to the present day, even after the separation of Barbara Sinatra and Zeppo Marx many years ago.

Bobby Oliver Marx’s Biological Father, Robert Harrison Oliver:
Unlike Bobby’s well-known mother, who is recognized for her marriage to Frank Sinatra, Bobby Oliver Marx’s biological father, Robert Harrison Oliver, is not as famous. Robert Oliver was born on August 14, 1925, in Ontario, San Bernardino, California, USA, to parents Milburn Oliver and Margaret S. Oliver. He attended Long Beach School, Long Beach, California, before pursuing a career as a singer. He also served as a bartender and was a vocalist in a band group. Robert worked on running the Miss Universe pageant, and after his marriage, he moved to New York with his wife to kickstart his career on the East Coast.

Unfortunately, this move proved unsuccessful, and he returned to Long Beach, where he resided until the end of his life. Robert Harrison Oliver passed away on October 14, 2001, at the age of 76.

Bobby Oliver Marx’s Stepfathers:
As his mother was married three times, Bobby Oliver Marx had two stepfathers in addition to his biological father. Each of them had varying degrees of involvement in his life:

  1. Zeppo Marx – Bobby’s Initial Stepfather:
    Zeppo was actively involved in his stepson’s life, wanting to formally adopt Bobby as his son. However, Bobby’s biological father, Robert Harrison Oliver, opposed the idea. Eventually, Zeppo conceded to paying for Bobby’s tuition at a Long Beach military school. In an act of love and gratitude, Bobby adopted his stepfather’s last name instead, making him the product of two men: Robert Harrison Oliver and Zeppo Marx. Zeppo and Barbara divorced in 1973.
  2. Frank Sinatra – Bobby Didn’t Adopt Sinatra’s Last Name:
    When Barbara Marx became Barbara Sinatra in 1976, Bobby was already an adult (26 years old). He had started on his own path and required no support from his new stepfather. This time around, Bobby chose not to adopt the Sinatra last name, although he eventually inherited a portion of Frank Sinatra’s wealth through his mother after both of them passed away – Frank in 1998 and Barbara in 2017.

Bobby Oliver Marx’s Current Status:
As of now, Bobby Oliver Marx is a New York lawyer specializing in Entertainment Law, maintaining ties to his roots as both his parents (and therefore stepfathers) were significantly involved in the entertainment industry. Despite not knowing his recent net worth, it is safe to assume he is quite comfortable.

In addition to practicing as a lawyer, Bobby Oliver Marx, a close friend of Prince Albert II of Monaco, serves as the Vice Chairman of The Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation. The foundation aims to preserve and restore the 25,000 artifacts of the historic Hearst Castle.

Marriage and Family:
Bobby Oliver Marx is a very private individual, and information about his life is scarce. He is not active on any social media platform. From what little is known, he once dated model Cheryl Tiegs in the late ’80s. Currently, he is married to his wife, Hillary Roberts, and they have a daughter together, Carina Blakeley Marx.

The trio was seen attending Barbara Sinatra’s funeral together in 2017. Bobby Oliver Marx’s net worth undoubtedly received a boost after his mother’s death in 2017, inheriting a substantial portion of her estate as Frank Sinatra’s widow.

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