Why Did Mark Hyman And His Wife Mia Lux Koning Divorce?

Dr. Mark Hyman and Mia Lux Koning have officially divorced after many years of a deep marriage. Dr. Mark Hyman is renowned as the leader of The UltraWellness Community.

Having previously contributed as a writer for The Huffington Post and authoring blogs on the Specialist’s Farmacy, focused on human health, Dr. Mark Hyman is well-versed in promoting well-being.

As seen on tvguidetime.com, he advocates for a diet called agnosticism and shares food and health insights through his virtual platforms. Recently, he announced the launch of a startup named Functional Health, aiming to provide access to over 100 lab tests.

These tests will be overseen by top professionals, including Mark himself, who will also offer their insights. While the initiative has not yet been opened to the public, it holds promise for enhancing individuals’ health awareness.

In 2021, Dr. Mark Hyman publicly announced his divorce from his wife, Mia Lux, through an Instagram post. The confirmation of their separation became evident as Mark shared pictures with his daughter, Rachel, and son, emphasizing his role as a single parent in the post.

During this period, Mark’s daughter was striving to enter medical school, following in her father’s footsteps. The revelation surprised many, as the general perception was that Mark’s marriage with Mia was going well. Mark chose Mother’s Day in 2021 to share the post, extending wishes to fathers who had taken on the role of a mother and cared for their children. Notably, Mark’s online posts featuring his wife decreased in 2021, signaling the end of their marriage.

Mark’s last post about Mia appears to be in 2019, where he shared a photo from the Vibe Great Culmination, expressing his love for co-creating fun projects with her. He also mentioned her as a guest on the Consciousish show on October 1.

Mia Lux, the President and founder of La Vette, is an entrepreneur who has dedicated time to her company. La Vette serves as a mindful dating platform for singles seeking meaningful connections, reflecting Mia’s commitment to helping people find love through her platform.

Reflecting on his past, Dr. Mark Hyman revealed that before marrying Mia, he had already experienced two failed marriages. In a 2014 blog post, he disclosed that despite professional success as a doctor, his romantic life had not been fortunate. The post conveyed his emotional devastation over the failure of two marriages and the challenges in his new relationship.

Mark attributed his lack of success in love to his beliefs and behavior, acknowledging that his thoughts on love had manifested in his life. Growing up in a family where his parents divorced when he was five, and his mother endured a 40-year unhappy marriage, Mark realized that his belief system, which didn’t believe in true love, influenced his choices in relationships.

Following a pattern of failed relationships, Mark recognized the need for personal change. With the assistance of professional coach Lauren Zander from Handel Group, Mark underwent a transformative journey. He attested that seeking help from the coach resulted in positive changes, marking it as one of the best things he had done for himself.

Mark has officially ended his marriage with Mia and has since moved forward. Currently, he has been romantically involved with Brianna Lee Welsh for approximately nine months, and he recently opened up about their relationship in an Instagram post.

In the post, Mark revealed that his upbringing, marked by adversity, shaped his perspective on love and healing. However, in the midst of his personal journey, he encountered Brianna. Their connection led them to explore each other’s joys and challenges. Mark expressed his gratitude for Brianna, describing her as a brilliant, beautiful, kind, lively, and adventurous individual—a wondrous expression of a person.

Brianna serves as the President and leader of Reneum, an Energy Company dedicated to accelerating the energy transition and allocating capital where it is most needed.

While Brianna is active on Instagram with the handle @briannaleewelsh and has 5.1k followers, her account is currently in confidential mode. Mark seems to have found the love he had been searching for, and the couple appears content and happy together.

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