Why Did Brett DeLaura Leave The Real Love Boat? Illness and Health Update

What Led to Brett DeLaura’s Departure from The Real Love Boat? Fans are eager to see his return to the show following his exit due to illness.

Reality shows centered around finding love have been a trend for quite some time. Just when we thought we had seen it all, a new addition has emerged on the scene.

Recently, CBS introduced us to a new reality love show, The Real Love Boat, with its first episode premiering on October 5. The program follows singles embarking on a luxury cruise in search of instant love.

Although only a few episodes have aired, viewers are already picking their favorites. The initial episode introduced us to the contestants, including Brett DeLaura.

DeLaura initially captured the attention of many viewers in his debut appearance, creating anticipation for more screen time in the upcoming episodes. However, his sudden absence in the second episode has left fans both concerned and disappointed.

The show informed the public that DeLaura faced health issues, but the details remain rather unclear. Stay with us as we attempt to uncover the true circumstances surrounding the TV personality’s departure. Before delving into that, here are some brief facts about Brett DeLaura.

Why Did Brett DeLaura Leave The Real Love Boat? What Occurred?
Brett DeLaura departed The Real Love Boat due to complications arising from Crohn’s disease.

The show revealed that health issues compelled him to leave the ship, but it did not provide specific details about the nature of his health problem. Fans, who were hopeful for a more extended stay for DeLaura on the love show, were disheartened by the news of his illness.

Despite inquiries from concerned fans, DeLaura has not addressed any queries regarding his absence from the boat. Consequently, the true nature of what happened remains unknown to the general audience.

According to CNN59, there are speculations that Brett may have Crohn’s disease, a condition affecting the digestive system and causing issues such as stomach pain and diarrhea. However, the source lacks official information, presenting the condition as hearsay.

Regarding Brett DeLaura’s health, there was an indication of illness during the show’s filming. However, as per his recent Instagram posts, where he actively engages with fans, he appears to be in good health presently. There is no apparent struggle with any illness, suggesting Brett is currently in good spirits.

Therefore, it is believed that Brett is currently in good health, and the issue that kept him out of the second episode of The Real Love Boat might have been a short-term problem. There’s a possibility that he could make a return for future episodes.

Brett DeLaura, aged 36, has a loving family that includes his parents and two brothers.

Frequently, Brett DeLaura has posted pictures of his parents on his Instagram, extending birthday wishes and celebrating various events. However, he has not disclosed their names or provided additional background information.

In addition to his parents, Brett is part of a musical family that includes his brothers, Brandon and Bry. The trio collaborates under the stage name Holiday State. Together, they form a close-knit family with strong bonds of love and support.

Brett, being a musician, also shares moments with his niece and cousins, as evidenced by the photos he has posted on social media.

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