Who Plays Santa In Rakuten Commercial 2022?

Actor James Kirkland takes on the role of St. Nick in Rakuten’s 2022 Christmas campaign.

Rakuten unveiled its latest television ad by October 30, 2022, featuring the charismatic James Kirkland as a captivating Santa Claus.

On tvguidetime.com, the Santa Claus in the ad educates one of his elves about the company’s Money Back feature, sparking curiosity about the actor behind the beard.

Titled “Holidays: Money Back You Can Trust In,” the 30-second commercial has received praise for its portrayal of Father Christmas. Kirkland stands out with his sleek white-silver hair and sharp mustache, deviating from traditional depictions of the beloved gift-giver.

Interestingly, a 15-second version of Rakuten’s TV spot has garnered nearly 900,000 views on YouTube in just six days, becoming available on November 1, 2022. The full version has been viewed by almost a million people.

In Rakuten’s Christmas 2022 ad, actor James Kirkland plays the role of St. Nick Claus, engaging in a dialogue with one of his elves about Rakuten and its Money Back feature. The ad concludes with St. Nick and the elf stumbling upon a gift-filled, reindeer-drawn sled, urging viewers to download the app, shop, and save.

James Kirkland, known for his comedy and stand-up at the renowned Blast Chicago theater, transitioned into acting after his time in Amsterdam. Residing in Los Angeles, Kirkland, an actor and writer, has authored the notable book “Friend of Satan,” available on Amazon, and boasts 23 other books on Goodreads.

As an actor, Kirkland is recognized for his roles in “My Far-removed Relationship” (2008-2009) and “Sing It!” (2016). Notably, he portrayed “Jeremy” in 2012’s “Criminal Personalities” and played Salazar, The Expo Judge, in Kansas Bowling’s film “Cuddly Toys.”

In addition to his role in the Rakuten Christmas ad, James Kirkland has previously starred in TV spots, including an online campaign for TomTom GPS. His diverse appearances range from a sound technician to a bowler in Mike’s Hard Lemonade TV ad “Whenever” (2013), alongside Martin Landau, Luis Chavez, and Kali Muscle.

Reactions to Kirkland’s latest appearance in the Rakuten Christmas ad have been positive, with fans praising his epic portrayal of St. Nick. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are buzzing with appreciation for the unique take on Father Christmas in the ad.

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