Who Is Larry Wheels New Girlfriend? Strongman Has Moved On After Nicole Drinkwater Breakup

Larry Wheels, a renowned weight lifter and powerlifter, recently underwent a separation from Nicole Drinkwater and is currently navigating the single life without a new girlfriend on the horizon.

Currently, Wheels maintains a rigorous training schedule, dedicating six days a week to workouts—three days focusing on powerlifting movements and three days on isolation training. This routine involves pushing repetitions to failure, emphasizing muscle building.

In terms of nutrition, Larry Wheels follows a mostly clean diet, ensuring he fuels his body with wholesome foods. However, he occasionally indulges in treats to satisfy his cravings. To meet the necessary fat and carbohydrate intake for energy, he supplements his diet with jam sandwiches, peanut butter, and the occasional Pop-Tart. This balanced approach allows him to maintain a disciplined yet enjoyable diet.

Larry Wheels is currently not in a relationship and appears to be single. There is no mention or posts about a new girlfriend on his Instagram profile.

Given his recent separation, it might be too early for Larry to be in a new relationship. Previously, Larry Wheels was in a relationship with Nicole Drinkwater, and they used to share updates on their Instagram profiles. Unfortunately, they had to end their relationship.

Before his involvement with Drinkwater, Larry Wheels dated Chelsea King. However, their relationship faced challenges when King accused Larry of engaging in unusual behavior.

Larry Wheels’ Split from Nicole Drinkwater: Speculations and Clarifications

There have been speculations among fans that Larry Wheels and Nicole Drinkwater have ended their relationship. Fans of the strongman began speculating that Wheels had a falling out with his partner. However, Nicole Drinkwater vehemently denied the validity of these claims.

Nevertheless, when Nicole moved into her new home alone, supporters noted that the two are no longer together. While the exact timing of their separation has not been confirmed, it is clear that they are no longer in a romantic relationship.

Exploring Larry Wheels’ Ethnicity

Larry Wheels belongs to the white ethnic group and hails from America. Williams showcased his prowess in his most memorable RPS Powerlifting competition at the age of 18. Weighing 247 pounds, he competed and triumphed in the 275-pound weight class.

Since then, he has consistently achieved victories and set numerous records. In November 2017, Larry Wheels participated in the 275-pound weight class, establishing an impressive raw, combined world record of 2,275 pounds—nearly the weight of two polar bears.

Regarding Larry Wheels’ Family

When discussing Larry Wheels’ family, Williams eagerly desired to join a gym at the age of 15, but his family held him back. The minimum age for entering the gym at Saint Martin was 16.

However, a turning point came when his mother, who worked as a server to support the family, was ready for a change. After being together for many years, they decided that the Caribbean was not the ideal place for them. They returned to the Bronx as a team. Shortly after their return, Williams promptly joined a gym and worked at a restaurant to cover the expenses.

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