Who Is Jason Boon? D’Leanne Lewis Husband Children & Net Worth

On Friday, September 30, D’Leanne Lewis, a prominent real estate broker, returned to the spotlight in “Luxury Postings Sydney” Season 3. Many people are eager to learn about her personal and professional life.

The mother of three takes pride in ensuring her daughters are dropped off at school early in the morning before embarking on her usual business day. While her profession may seem routine to some, she emphasizes that it is not the same every day. She believes that maintaining a rigid and disciplined schedule will help her thrive at work.

D’Leanne Lewis has been a practicing agent for several years and has been involved in some of Sydney’s most exclusive property deals, as per her website. She has been a top performer for over 25 years at the Laing + Simmons Organization.

Together with Moniak Tu, Gavin Rubinstein, Simon Cohen, and D’Leanne Lewis, these well-known Australian realtors feature on the real estate show “Luxury Postings Sydney.” They manage their intricate daily lives while juggling a demanding business agenda, showcasing Sydney’s most luxurious homes and pulling off stunning deals that risk their reputations.

Jason Shelter, the ex-husband of D’Leanne Lewis and a realtor, met D’Leanne on the iconic Bronte to Bondi walk at the Richardson and Wrench Elizabeth Cove. Despite initially rejecting his proposal when she found out they worked in the same field, the couple eventually got engaged two years later. They agreed to purchase a house after Jason proposed at neighboring McKenzies Seaside.

Although they were already engaged by early 2007 and had jointly bought a house in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with sea views, they separated in 2017 when Lewis was six months pregnant with their second child. The reasons for their divorce have not been disclosed. D’Leanne is now a single parent raising her children.

D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Shelter share two children, Nava and Myka. Recently, Lewis gave birth to her third child, Lyra Yvonne Lewis, and she posted a photo of her “little miracle” on her Instagram account. At 42, she gave birth to her youngest child using IVF and a sperm donor. Despite not having a father, she assured that her child would have strong support.

Born to Rodney Lewis (father) and Yvonne Lewis (mother) in Johannesburg, South Africa, D’Leanne Lewis celebrated her parents’ 56th anniversary in December 2020. With two young daughters, aged five and two, she has prioritized her family life as she ages.

Rodney and her brother arrived in Australia with the intention of finding profitable employment, relocating their families from South Africa, and providing their children with opportunities they were not given.

D’Leanne arrived in Australia in 1982, and her family initially lived in a rented room in Hornsby before moving to Blacktown because it was the only area they could afford.

One of D’Leanne’s sisters is Yvette Lewis-Oakes. She graduated from Sydney Adventist School and Grantham Sports School and has held executive assistant positions at CommSec, CBA’s wealth management division, and CommBank.

D’Leanne Lewis, the ex-wife of Jason Aid, reportedly has a net worth of over $28 million. Reality TV and ventures are her main sources of income. With an active career, her net worth is expected to increase in the coming years.

Lewis has a strong reputation in the real estate sector and has received three awards from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales for New South Wales Residential Salesperson of the Year. She has also been recognized by the Australian Real Estate Institute, where she was crowned Australian Residential Salesperson of the Year.

D’Leanne has received recognition from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales for excellence in auction marketing, a prestigious award. In addition to the Real Estate Institute awards, D’Leanne has been acknowledged as the National Laing+Simmons Group’s top income producer for the past 20 years.

Born in South Africa, D’Leanne Lewis and her family eventually emigrated to Australia when she was just ten. When she was older, she initially applied for a role as a personal assistant with Liangs+Simmons before resigning and being approached again.

Developing significant skills in the real estate industry while working at her first real estate firm, she has worked hard over the years to become the Head of Laing+Simmons Double Bay and a Licensed Realtor responsible for selling some of Sydney’s most sought-after homes.

In addition to her role as Head of the former, she holds dual ownership or directorships in Laing+Simmons National Partnership and Laing+Simmons Double Bay. “Luxury Postings Sydney” was acquired by the business years ago, along with partners Steven Zoellner, Danny Doff, and Sally Hampshire. She has consistently performed at a high level for the past 25 years at the Laing+Simmons Group, where she works.

D’Leanne Lewis actively engages in virtual entertainment, particularly on the photo-sharing platform Instagram. Her Instagram account predominantly showcases travel and luxurious lifestyle photos and videos.

As of the time of writing this article, her verified Instagram account had approximately 2,000 posts and around 28K followers.

According to her Instagram bio, Lewis is a mother of three. In addition to serving as the head at Laing and Simmons Double Bay, she acts as a director for Laing and Simmons National Partnership. She also highlighted that at the age of 19, she was the top national agent.

Who is D’Leanne Lewis’ Husband?
D’Leanne Lewis is married to her husband, Jason Shelter. The couple first met on the iconic Bronte to Bondi walk at the Richardson and Wrench Elizabeth Bay.

How much is D’Leanne Lewis’ net worth?
D’Leanne Lewis, the ex-wife of Jason Aid, reportedly has a net worth of over $28 million.

Do D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Aid have any children?
D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Aid have two children from their marriage, Nava and Myka.

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