Who Is Hazen Audel Married To? Details About His Wife And Dating Life

Is Hazen Audel currently married, and did he tie the knot in 2022? Naturally, people are always curious about his personal life given that he spends a significant portion of his time immersed in nature.

From his earliest memories, Hazen Audel’s love for nature has driven him to read books about it, watch documentaries, learn about it, and ultimately, be in it.

In his pursuit of experiencing the rainforest, Hazen Audel, at the age of 19, saved money, sold his bikes and aquariums, mowed lawns, and ventured into Ecuador. He bravely camped on the bank of an abandoned river, intending to stay until his supplies ran out.

As of 2022, it appears that Hazen Audel is married. He has shared pictures of his children and potentially his wife on his Instagram handle. However, he has not disclosed specific details about his relationship, and Aussieceleb reported a relatively short, six-year relationship.

While official confirmation of his marital status is not available, Hazen Audel remains focused on his career, emphasizing his dedication to his work. Despite the lack of public statements regarding his marriage, his Instagram offers glimpses into his various adventurous experiences.

Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, Hazen Audel is a versatile individual— a scientist, natural history guide, artist, crafter, and TV host. Of Greek and Native American Kootenai and Salish descent, he created The Wild Classroom, a nonprofit educational web series for teachers and students.

Hazen Audel gained popularity with Survive the Tribe, and his National Geographic channel series Primal Survivor documented his collaborations and cohabitation with indigenous people in remote areas. He has been actively involved in confronting issues such as South America’s illegal oil sector, sharing gripping experiences and uplifting stories from his global adventures.

Embarking on performance journeys since the age of 19, the TV host has encountered numerous life-altering events, leading to challenges in readjusting to life in the US upon his return.

As of 2022, Hazen Audel, known for his role in Primal Survivor, is rumored to possess a substantial net worth, potentially in the millions of dollars. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a survival instructor in the United States, as of April 28, 2022, was $41,776. Hazen Audel has successfully translated his passion into a lucrative career.

Notably, renowned survivalist Bear Grylls, known for Man versus Wild, has amassed an incredible net worth from his own career. Both Audel and Grylls, by putting their lives at risk to showcase essential survival skills and thrills, have earned significant wealth. The popularity of wildlife survival programs attests to the public’s fascination with such daring adventures.

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