Who Is Fred Sirieix’s Wife, Alex Spendolini? Here’s A Look At Their Relationship

During the Covid pandemic, Fred proposed to his Jamaican girlfriend at their London home in Peckham. Despite being 49 years old and never having been married before, Fred had a long-term partner, Alex, with whom he shared a home in South London and had two children: 17-year-old Team GB diver Andrea and 12-year-old Lucien.

Their love story began with a lightning romance, and when Fred first laid eyes on his beloved, he exclaimed, “It is beautiful.” They kept their relationship private until January 2018 when Fred confirmed his happiness with a new spouse, sharing adorable pictures of them in a photo booth.

Fred Sirieix’s wife, Alex Spendolini, has been kept out of the public eye, and Fred never revealed her full name. However, in March 2020, he shared on Instagram that they had gotten engaged, posting a selfie with the caption “Yes” and the hashtag #fruitcake.

While Fred has never been married, he was previously in a 12-year relationship with a woman named Alex, who is believed to be the mother of his two children. Fred often expresses his joy in being a father, stating that his greatest happiness is hearing his children tell him they love him every day.

Their daughter, Andrea, is a competitive athlete, and Fred proudly shares snapshots and videos from her competitions. With an estimated net worth of $65 million, Fred Sirieix has accumulated his fortune through various ventures over the years, including his work in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

As a TV show host, he earns income from various shows, and his investments, such as The Art of Service Ltd., contribute to his wealth. Fred is also a Brand Ambassador for Marks and Spencer Wine, adding to his income through brand partnerships and sponsorships.

Fred Sirieix’s Married Life
Fred Sirieix, though rarely seen as married, was rumored to be in a marital relationship. It was in 2018, on a bustling London street, that Fred proposed to Fruitcake, his partner, two years after their initial meeting. Surprisingly, this marked their first public appearance together since the start of their relationship.

Despite organizing their wedding, the couple prefers to keep their relationship discreet. Fans of the Channel 4 dating program might be curious about the romantic life of the charismatic maître d’ and relationship expert Fred Sirieix, who has captivated audiences with his easy French charm and matchmaking skills on First Dates.

The couple seems genuinely content, often seen enjoying vacations and expensive date nights together. Speculations suggest that they got engaged a couple of years ago after two years of public dating.

Speaking about their relationship, Fred shared that Fruitcake is a fantastic person who makes him laugh. The couple enjoys each other’s company, relishing activities like walks and various other shared interests.

Originally planned for 2021, their wedding faced delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fred, a father of two with his ex-partner Alex—Andrea and Lucien—never married but spent many years together before their separation. At 49 years old, Fred has found love again, this time with his mysterious Jamaican fiancée.

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