Who Is Esther Choi Chef Husband? Is The Iron Legend Cast Married To Jerry Choi?

Esther Choi is the chef and entrepreneur behind Mökbar, a ramen restaurant with locations in New York City’s Chelsea Market and Park Slope. She is also the force behind Ms. Yoo, a Korean gastropub named in honor of her grandmother.

A third Mökbar location is in the works in New Jersey. Despite declining numerous opportunities to participate in food competitions, Choi eventually appeared on Netflix’s ‘Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.’ Unfortunately, despite reaching the finals, she did not clinch the title.

Meet Jerry Choi, the husband of Esther Choi. While there are rumors suggesting their marriage, concrete evidence is lacking.

Esther Choi is a renowned chef and the owner of Mokbar and Mokbar Brooklyn. She is also the chef and partner of Ms. Yoo. Drawing inspiration from her Korean grandmother’s culinary skills, Chef Esther believes that food is the ultimate representation of a country’s culture.

Blending traditional and modern influences with fresh, seasonal ingredients, Chef Esther has a genuine passion for introducing New Yorkers to the flavors of Korean culture. In addition to her culinary ventures, she manages the Choibites YouTube channel.

Esther embarked on her culinary journey at the age of 14, formally studying at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in New York City. Her professional experience includes working at renowned establishments such as ilili and La Esquina, as well as contributing to the Food Network.

Furthermore, Esther hosted Eater’s video series “Kitchen Gadgets,” showcasing her culinary expertise by presenting enticing Korean meals and flavors, garnering over 50 million views.

Esther Choi has made appearances on various Food Network series, including “Beat Bobby Flay,” “Hacked,” “Cash Hungry,” and “Throwdown with Michael Symon.” Additionally, she starred alongside Selena Gomez in HBO’s “Selena + Chef.”

In the summer of 2022, Esther participated as a challenger chef in the highly anticipated Netflix series “Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.” Unfortunately, she was defeated by the Iron Chefs, narrowly missing out on the Iron Legend title.

Chef Esther Choi has been private about her love life. While she frequently shares about her sister Jenh Choix’s wedding and married life, there is no visible indication of her own romantic relationships on her Instagram. She appears to be single, focusing on her career as a chef and entrepreneur. Alongside running Mokbar, a Korean restaurant, and ms.Yoo, a Korean Cocktail bar, she also owns Sessy Oil.

Sessy Oil stands out as a crucial component in Korean cuisine, renowned for imparting a burst of signature toasted, nutty, and roasted flavors to any dish. Considered a pantry essential by Koreans, just a teaspoon or two of this sesame seeds oil elevates the taste profile of various recipes.

Known for its versatility, sesame oil adds richness to marinades, vegetables, sauces, and even baking. Its delectable essence brings a luxurious touch that sets it apart from other oils.

Sesame seeds, from which the oil is derived, have been a staple in human diets for millennia, boasting an oil content exceeding 50%.

In an unfortunate incident, Chef Esther Choi and Korilla BBQ owner Edward Song experienced a mob attack while celebrating New Year’s Day. The assault, characterized as a “group-style” attack, was orchestrated by Stephan Park and Paul Lee, former employees of Song’s Korean grill food truck.

According to Choi, the accused assailants confronted the duo along with up to five others outside Choi’s establishment, Ms. Yoo, located at 163 Allen St (NYeater).

Choi informed Eater that, after recognizing her and Song from online content, the group “set up camp outside” the bar and waited for them to exit. The alleged assault was described as “terrifying.”

As per the lawsuit, the attackers purportedly assaulted them with their fists, feet, and various objects, resulting in injuries, cuts, and eye wounds. Both Choi and Song were reportedly hospitalized due to the incident.

The lawsuit claimed that Park and Lee had been pursuing them over a business dispute. Park and Lee had previously sued Song in 2017, alleging that they were owed money from Korilla’s food truck company.

Both individuals were arrested in connection with the incident. Lee admitted to wrongdoing, and Park’s case was closed. Choi and Song are seeking $250,000 in punitive damages.

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