Who Is Daemien Obeso? The New Boyfriend Of Daddy Long Neck’s Baby Mama

Daemien Obeso stands accused of assaulting the nine-month-old child of rapper Daddy Long Neck, marking one of the most distressing incidents ever witnessed. The infant is currently hospitalized, bearing the brunt of a violent beating inflicted by his mother’s new partner. The perplexing question arises: how could a mother endanger her own child’s life due to the abusive nature of her new companion?

Daddy Long Neck gained notoriety in 2019, showcasing his unique rapping and hip-hop styles. Following the incident, the rapper’s spouse notified him of their child’s hospitalization.

To delve deeper into the details of this case, let’s explore the background of Daemien Obeso and the grievous actions he allegedly committed against Daddy Long Neck’s son. Obeso is the current partner of Daddy Long Neck’s ex, facing accusations of mistreating a nine-month-old child.

Obeso’s reprehensible actions resulted in skull fractures for the infant, unfolding a truly disturbing narrative. The rapper Daddy Long Neck now grapples with a harrowing family crisis in the aftermath of this shocking event.

Further details about Daemien are currently pending release; he is presently identified as the new partner of rapper Daddy’s ex.

According to Daddy Long Neck (DLN), he rushed from Michigan to L.A. when informed by his ex-companion about their child’s condition. DLN also disclosed that a social worker informed him of Daemien’s arrest on charges of allegedly abusing the child.

Given the freshness of this case, authorities are yet to share more information. Additional details on this matter will be provided as soon as they become available.

As for Daddy Long Neck’s baby mama, Thicky Vicky, she is the mother of the child who has been hospitalized following a brutal beating.

Daddy Long Neck and Thicky commenced their relationship in April 2019. Initially, they shared moments of joy and appeared to be a contented couple. The rapper gained fame for his distinctive features resulting from Marfan Syndrome, with his long, slender appearance making him a viral sensation in the media. He has released several songs on SoundCloud, including collaborations with Wide Neck.

Having been fed through a tube inserted directly into his stomach for an extended period, Daddy Long Neck’s popularity soared after collaborations with various artists, and his unique features contributed to his success.

On March 28, 2021, Daddy announced that he and Thicky were expecting a child and expressed his excitement about becoming a father. He shared adorable photos of them and the child on his Instagram handle, @longneckk, portraying a joyful connection between the trio.

Has Daemien Obeso Been Arrested? Mugshot and Details
According to the statement obtained from TMZ, Daemien Obeso and Daddy’s ex-partner have been apprehended.

The nine-month-old child, David Alfredo Samuelson Lopez, was hospitalized in Los Angeles after suffering abuse at the hands of Obeso. Medical examinations revealed skull fractures and brain bleeding in the infant.

The rapper was devastated upon witnessing the condition of his child. The baby is slowly recovering, and Daddy shared a post on Instagram with the caption, “My child can open his eyes a lil more.”

The alleged wrongdoer, Daemien, is facing charges of child abuse causing severe bodily injury, as per the Montebello Police Department.

Officers from the Montebello Police Department visited a local hospital on August 26 to review the child’s medical records. Upon discovering severe injuries, they promptly took action to arrest Daemien Obeso.

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