Who Are The Pun Guys’ Dan Shaba and John Nonny? Examining Their Wife, Girlfriend, And Married Life

Meet Dan Shaba and John Nonny, the comedic duo famously known as The Pun Guys, who have gained widespread recognition on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for their witty and unabashedly pun-filled sketches.

Interestingly, their partnership was forged through music. At the age of 15, John first encountered Dan’s music, sparking a mutual passion for creating music. In a 2017 interview with Spotlight On, John remarked, “Instead of going against the guy (Dan), we decided to actually collaborate.” This collaboration was facilitated by Dan’s brother, who happened to be John’s classmate. Initially, Dan and John created music together before transitioning to making humorous videos during their outings to bars, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Their journey to fame commenced when their “Supermarket Puns” video went viral, propelling them to prominence around 2016.

The Pun Guys occasionally grace your Facebook or TikTok feed, experimenting with cooking tips offered by TikTok users while injecting humorous puns into their skits.

Regarding Dan Shaba’s marital status, his penchant for keeping his personal life private leaves us guessing. Whether he is married or has a girlfriend remains uncertain, making it challenging to predict his future marital status.

However, a 2015 video titled “First World Relationship Problems: Fighting over the Radio” featured Dan with Amanda, a girl with blue eyes, possibly hinting at a past romantic involvement. Yet, Dan has not disclosed details about his current or past relationships in any of his podcasts, interviews, or projects, making it difficult to ascertain the status of his relationships.

Born on March 25, 1985, Dan Shaba is 37 years old in 2022, and while many admire him for his physique and mindset, his romantic partner remains undisclosed. While his age might suggest a possibility of marriage, it’s essential not to judge people’s readiness or inclination to marry solely based on their chronological age. Therefore, until more information surfaces, we can assume Dan Shaba is still single, perhaps awaiting the right partner.

As for John Nonny, information about his marital status and past relationships is equally scarce due to his preference for privacy. However, a November 9, 2021 Instagram post on his account @johnnonny hinted at a possible marriage. The post featured a cozy photo of John with a female, accompanied by a caption suggesting a marital relationship. Fans’ comments on the post further implied the possibility of marriage. The woman in the photo has an Instagram handle @s.ydneymaurer, but apart from this, there is little information available about Nonny’s spouse.

Most of the time, Nonny is seen alongside Dan Shaba, their collaboration evident across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok as “The Pun Guys.”

John Nonny, born on April 26, 1987, is two years younger than Dan, making him 35 years old in 2022. With his established career as a popular YouTuber, Nonny is deemed mature enough to consider starting a family and enjoying a prosperous life. While details about his personal life are scarce, we can infer from the limited information available that he may have everything in place.

As for the relationship between Dan Shaba and John Nonny, also known as “The Pun Guys,” they are not related by blood but are considered exceptional brothers, friends, and collaborators. Both hailing from Canada, they share a passion for music and have a significant presence on various online entertainment platforms. Despite speculations among viewers about their relationship status, they have clarified in their videos that they are simply best friends, refuting any assumptions of romance. Fans admire their close bond and enjoy watching their comedic content together.

Dan and John engage in various activities together, from pranks to shooting comedy sketches and outdoor joke films. Their camaraderie and witty banter entertain audiences across podcasts and interviews, earning them a dedicated fan base. The primary source of income for Dan Shaba and John Nonny in 2022 is their online entertainment ventures, where they remain actively engaged.

The duo’s Instagram page boasts 46.8 thousand followers, while their Facebook page has accumulated 3.8 million likes. On TikTok, they have garnered 874.1 thousand followers, and their YouTube channel boasts 548 thousand subscribers. Their content has amassed over 72 million views on YouTube, 9 million likes on TikTok, and substantial engagement on Facebook.

According to Forbes, skilled YouTubers can earn around $5 for every 1,000 video views. With their comedic talent, Dan and John may be generating a seven-figure income through monetizing their content. In addition to their YouTube endeavors, they also perform music, further diversifying their revenue streams. While they may not have reached the level of Mr. Beast, the highest-earning video creator of 2021, who earned $54 million from 10 billion views, Dan and John are likely making a comfortable living from producing entertaining content.

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