Where Is Ron Roloff Biker Wife Dollye Ann Now? Wikipedia And Murder Details

Ron Roloff, a prominent Legislative Lobbyist and Advocate for Bikers’ Rights, founded the MMA of California in March 1973, during challenging times. By 1982, when Richard M. Lester encountered him, the Modified Motorcycle Association of California had grown to become the world’s largest Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO).

Ron and Richard not only became friends but also partners in their fight against discrimination and harassment faced by bikers. Their joint effort aimed at advocating for the rights of motorcycle riders and the freedom of choice.

As for Biker Ron Roloff’s wife, Dollye Ann, she sadly passed away in Sacramento County, California, reportedly due to mental illness, which was not considered a major issue at the time. The couple married in 1967 and had two children, a daughter, and a son.

Tragically, Dollye Ann ended her own life at the age of 34. Despite the loss, Ron chose not to remarry and raised their children as a single parent.

Biker Ron Roloff was 51 years old at the time of his murder in 1991. Born on April 29, 1940, in Los Angeles County, California, USA, he was the child of John Wilford Roloff and Eleanor Beatrice Morris Roloff.

The tragic incident occurred at his rural residence in North Highlands, Sacramento County, California, USA, where he was shot dead. His daughter, Patti, grew concerned when she didn’t hear from him for several days. Upon visiting his home, she discovered him lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Patti was the one to call the police and report the murder.

Ron Roloff’s family included a daughter named Patti and a son, Steven. Patti played a significant role in reporting her father’s death. According to information shared by a TikToker named CassDmm, Ron’s son Steven was considered primarily responsible for the murder and was sentenced to 29 years to life in prison. However, as per details, he managed to escape from prison in 2016.

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