Where Is Jennifer Sparkman Now? Cold Justice Looks Into Jonathan Wongo Kindle Murder

Jennifer Sparkman, a well-known life coach at Cullman Primary School, is currently the prime suspect and is being held at the White County TN Jail in Sparta, TN.

Jennifer has been a dedicated member of the Cullman Primary community for many years, valued for her caring and supportive nature.

For sixteen years, the family of Jonathan, who was tragically shot and killed in his own home, has endured a lengthy investigation and a silence that speaks volumes.

Jennifer Sparkman is believed to be the prime suspect in the murder case of her partner, Jonathan Wongo Kindle, and is currently incarcerated at the White County TN Jail.

Known for her proactive approach, Jennifer was beloved by the children and parents at Cullman Primary School, providing guidance to parents on nurturing skills, accessing employment opportunities, obtaining furniture, clothing, and school supplies, and ensuring their children have access to food.

Jonathan Wongo Kindle, aged 25, was fatally shot in October 2006 in the small town of Goodland, located in Bailey County, approximately 90 minutes northwest of Lubbock.

Cold Justice investigates the murder of Jonathan Wongo Kindle, who was shot in the back of the head with what appeared to be either a .38 or .357 caliber handgun.

Jonathan and his brother had always dreamed of fostering children as they grew older. However, everything changed for the Kindle family on the morning of October 12, 2006, when Jennifer, Jonathan’s wife, emerged as the primary suspect in the case.

Jonathan’s family revealed that Jennifer claimed to have driven from Lubbock to Goodland after hearing a struggle while speaking with him on the phone. Upon her arrival, she informed the police that he was deceased.

Thanks to Bailey County Sheriff Richard Wills and Detective Cold Justice, the Cold Justice team recently arrived in Muleshoe. Specializing in suspects Sparkman and Kindle’s cousin Bryan Kindle, the Cold Justice team collaborates with local law enforcement nationwide to help solve crimes.

Is Jennifer Sparkman in jail? Yes, Jennifer Sparkman is currently incarcerated, charged with the murder of her boyfriend, Jonathan Wongo Kindle.

A lifelong learner, she has attained four degrees from both Auburn University and the University of Alabama. Before returning to Cullman to work as a school counselor, she taught fifth grade for a few years in Tennessee.

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