Where Is Alison Dibnah Now, Is She Still Alive In 2022? Wife Of Fred Dibnah

Alison Dibnah was the wife of the renowned backstreet mechanic Fred Dibnah. The BBC introduced his family and children to the audience, contributing to the beloved steeplejack’s popularity.

As of now, Alison Dibnah is still alive, but her husband passed away in 2010. She gained public attention when the BBC produced a documentary about her life in February 2015. Since then, she has deliberately stayed out of the spotlight, preferring a private life. Nevertheless, people fondly remember her and often inquire about her whereabouts.

Alison Dibnah, formerly married to Fred Dibnah, recalled their first encounter when he spotted her from the top of a roof. Their connection was instantaneous, and within just six weeks, they decided to tie the knot in 1967.

Despite initial plans for an elaborate ceremony, they eloped to Gretna Green due to disagreements over the wedding guest list. The couple made their home on the Earl of Bradford’s estate and spent years restoring the property.

Alison Dibnah was the first wife of Fred Dibnah, and together they had three daughters. Their marriage faced challenges, leading to Alison leaving him in 1985, citing his devotion to his engines as a primary reason.

After parting ways with Alison, Fred Dibnah didn’t remain single for long, as he found companionship with his second wife, Sue. However, their union ended in 1996 when he fell for Sheela, with whom he spent the last two years of his life. Sheela was the one who cared for him on his deathbed.

Unfortunately, none of Fred Dibnah’s three wives inherited anything significant after his passing. Reports indicate that he had a million-dollar estate, which was divided among his five children from his first two marriages.

As of 2022, Alison Dibnah’s net worth is still undisclosed, as she is not a public figure. Before marrying Fred, she worked as a stylist. On the other hand, her ex-husband was an English steeplejack and television personality.

Alison, despite her reservations about the risks associated with his occupation, supported Fred throughout his career changes, prompting him to switch careers occasionally. This ultimately led to their divorce. Nonetheless, she played a supportive role in managing his finances and handling debts.

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