Where Are Ariel And Brooke From Bridezillas Now?

Ariel Heinzman and Brooke from Bridezillas have parted ways. Their marriage, which lasted until 2015, was featured on the show. However, despite tying the knot on Bridezillas, fans speculated that their relationship wouldn’t endure, especially as they separated after several years of marriage. The couple shared two children, a son and a daughter.

Presently, Ariel and Brooke live separately, having chosen different paths. This shift is evident from Ariel’s Facebook relationship status, as she ceased posting about her partner on social media around 2015. She has since emphasized the importance of self-worth and moving on from those who fail to recognize it.

Ariel, now residing with her two children, often shares moments of joy with them on social media. In a post, she expressed her unwavering love for her children and emphasized that they are her priority.

Fans of the show had predicted the couple’s eventual separation shortly after their appearance on Bridezillas. Their expectations were validated when, after about a year, it became evident that their marriage was not sustainable. Observers noted Ariel’s changed social media presence, with her profile indicating that she was separated.

Ariel and Brooke initially intended to marry in December 2012, with Ariel even traveling to Sioux Falls, SD, to make wedding preparations. However, their wedding journey was documented on the reality TV series.

Their time on Bridezillas was marked by conflicts, including a heated argument during their joint bachelor/bachelorette party. Ariel felt betrayed by her fiancĂ©’s interactions with other women and voiced her disappointment, leading to an emotional outburst and her eventual departure from the party.

Another memorable moment from the show was when Ariel faced financial difficulties and sought assistance from her mother, even requesting a phone card after hers expired. Additionally, there was an awkward incident at the nail salon when she couldn’t afford a $65.00 nail set.

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