What to Do With an Old Cat Tree

If your cat has outgrown or lost interest in their cat tree, or if it’s simply seen better days, you might be wondering what to do with it. Throwing it away might seem like the only option, but there are several creative and eco-friendly ways to repurpose or dispose of an old cat tree.

Repurposing Ideas

1. Refresh and Donate

If the cat tree is still structurally sound but looks worn, consider giving it a makeover. You can replace the worn-out sisal rope on the scratching posts and cover any bare spots with new carpet or fabric. Once refurbished, donate the cat tree to a local animal shelter or offer it for free on community websites. Shelters often need cat furniture for their feline inhabitants, and your donation could make a significant difference.

2. Transform It for Other Pets

An old cat tree can be easily transformed into a playground for other pets, such as small dogs, ferrets, or birds. Modify the platforms to suit the size and preferences of the new occupant. For birds, add some perches or hanging toys; for ferrets, ensure the structure allows for climbing and hiding.

3. Create a Plant Stand

An exciting way to repurpose an old cat tree is to turn it into a plant stand. You can place potted plants on various levels, creating a unique indoor garden display. Ensure that the pots are adequately secured, and consider the light requirements of the plants when positioning the cat tree.

4. Make it a Kids’ Toy

If the cat tree is sturdy, transform it into a fun play area for children. Attach safe toys, hang ribbons, or convert it into a base for action figures or dolls. Always ensure that the tree is secure and safe for children to use.

Eco-friendly Disposal

1. Recycle Parts

Before disposing of an old cat tree, consider what parts can be recycled. Wood components can often be repurposed or used in DIY projects, while the sisal rope and fabrics might be recyclable at your local recycling center.

2. Curbside Pickup

If recycling is not an option and the cat tree is beyond repurposing, check with your local waste management services for curbside pickup guidelines. Some areas have specific bulk waste collection days or procedures for disposing of larger items.

3. Civic Amenity Sites

Visit your local civic amenity site or dump where you can drop off larger items. They might have specific sections for wood, textiles, and other materials that compose your cat tree.


Disposing of an old cat tree doesn’t have to mean a trip to the landfill. Whether by giving it a new life or responsibly disposing of it, you can make an environmentally friendly choice. For those looking to replace their old cat trees, consider checking out Happy and Polly’s collection of cat trees for various modern designs that your cat will love.

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