What Kind Of Illness Does Anita Manning From Bargain Hunt Have?

Anita Manning, the beloved host of Bargain Hunt, has been conspicuously absent from her shows, leading fans to speculate about her well-being and whether she is battling an illness that prevents her from appearing.

Anita, a Scottish antique expert turned television personality, gained widespread acclaim for her appearances on shows like BBC’s Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip. She became a fan favorite and claimed to be one of Scotland’s earliest female auctioneers.

Recently, she has been noticeably absent from BBC shows where she once thrived. New cast members have been introduced on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip, with Manning completely absent from the scene.

Therefore, fans are curious to learn about the expert’s health condition and whether she is battling any illness, assuming she is unwell at all.

What Kind Of Illness Does Anita Manning Have? Anita Manning has not disclosed any information about the type of illness she may be battling. Speculation about her health arose due to her absence from shows, but there have been no signs of illness from the 74-year-old antique expert the last time she appeared on screen.

As of 2022, no new updates about Anita Manning’s health have been announced. She continues to operate her secondhand store, The Great Western Auctions Limited, with her daughter Lala Manning.

At 74 years old, Manning may not be as physically active as she once was, making it challenging for her to participate in the show.

Furthermore, the Bargain Hunt cast, including Manning, is not active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. While fans continue to miss her, there has been no recent activity on her dedicated fan page.

For now, fans eagerly await news from the BBC regarding Anita Manning’s health and hope to see her back on screen doing what she loves most: hunting for antiques.

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