What Is Luke Harvey Jockey Girlfriend? Ex Wife Georgie Harvey And Relationship Timeline

Luke Harvey, a former rider and victor of the Welsh Grand National, is renowned for his accomplishments both in the saddle and in broadcasting. As a prominent figure on ITV, he has garnered recognition as a seasoned telecaster, recently earning the title of ‘Telecaster of the Year’ in racing. Beyond broadcasting, Harvey serves as a racing expert for Ladbrokes Coral and excels as an event host and MC, known for his talent, amiability, and professionalism.

During his tenure with Radio 5 Live, Harvey teamed up with Laura Wright, a renowned show vocalist and Grand National ambassador, in front of the cameras before swiftly transitioning to a radio interview. His riding career, which peaked with a memorable victory at Taunton in 1984 as a contingent, concluded nearly two decades ago, marking a transition to his multifaceted roles in the racing and media industries.

At the age of twenty, he achieved notable successes, riding a champion at the Festival and claiming victory in the Welsh Grand National atop Cool Ground in 1990.

Following his retirement from racing in 1999, Luke embarked on a career in media, joining the Racing Channel and later Radio 5 Live in 1998.

Regarding his personal life, Luke Harvey was previously married to Georgie Harvey, though their marriage ended after several years. Details about his relationships following his divorce from Georgie are not available. However, Luke appears to be occupied with his professional commitments, as indicated by his active presence on various virtual entertainment platforms.

In 2015, rumors circulated that Georgie Harvey, Luke’s ex-wife, was romantically linked to Paul Nicholls, a prominent horse trainer.

Despite his busy schedule, Luke Harvey continues to thrive professionally, fulfilling hosting duties for programs such as At The Races and ITV Racing.

In 2018, Luke Harvey earned the esteemed title of Racing Broadcaster of the Year, marking a significant achievement in his career trajectory. His journey in the racing world began at the age of 20, following his graduation from secondary school, where he immediately immersed himself in the equestrian domain under the tutelage of Captain Tim Forster, a renowned coach based in Letcombe Basset.

Driven by an unwavering passion for racing, Luke’s early endeavors were not without challenges. Tragically, his most memorable ride ended in the loss of his beloved horse at Fakenham. However, amidst adversity, he persevered and secured his first victory in December with Bickleigh Bridge.

Transitioning from amateur to professional riding, Luke sought guidance from Trainer Forster, whose invaluable advice shaped his burgeoning career. Hailing from a large family in Devon, Luke’s determination and talent propelled him to success, culminating in notable victories such as triumphing in the Welsh Grand National multiple times.

In 1998, Luke ventured into the realm of media, joining the Racing Channel, and later Radio 5 Live upon retiring from racing in 1999. His charismatic presence and expertise garnered attention, leading to roles as a presenter on prestigious platforms like At The Races and ITV Racing.

Luke’s contributions to the racing industry were duly recognized in 2018 when he was bestowed with the prestigious title of Racing Broadcaster of the Year, underscoring his invaluable impact and dedication to the sport.

Residing in Kingston Lisle, located six miles beyond Lambourn, Luke Harvey is an ardent supporter of ‘pointing.’

Luke Harvey, born on March 28, 1967, in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, is currently 55 years old. He is the youngest of seven siblings, raised in the Devon village of Bampton. His father worked as a West Country farmer.

Standing at an estimated height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighing between 60-65 kilograms, these figures are approximate assessments of his stature and weight.

As an ITV presenter, Luke Harvey oversees racing coverage for At The Races.

While Luke Harvey’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, speculations place it in the range of $80,000 to $85,000. Renowned for his contributions to racing, he has been honored with titles such as Broadcaster of the Year and serves as a racing expert for Ladbrokes Coral.

Among his notable victories are the Welsh Grand National and the Mildmay Memorial Chase at Sandown.

Having retired from riding in 1999, Luke Harvey transitioned to become the new presenter for BBC Radio 5 in May 2001.

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