What Is Allen Stone And Wife Tara Lawson Age Difference? American Song Contest Singer Family On Instagram

Allen Stone, originating from Chewelah, Washington, is an American singer and songwriter known for his expertise in the soul and R&B genres of music.

He is also recognized for his participation as the harmony partner of Denis Lorenzo and Marcio Donaldson on the sixteenth season of the American Idol.

In the American Song Contest, Allen Stone showcases his talents as a vocalist and lyricist, further solidifying his reputation in the realms of soul and R&B music.

His most renowned track is “Unaware.” Additionally, Allen Stone has delivered notable songs like “Sleep,” “Brown Eyed Lover,” and “Perfect World,” among others. In 2018, he appeared on American Idol, performing duets with various contestants.

Continuing to pursue his career as an R&B artist, Allen Stone remains active in touring and performing live shows.

Stone draws inspiration from musical legends such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Meters, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Jamie Lidell, and James Morrison.

His socially conscious music has been likened to that of Donny Hathaway and Bill Withers, as well as two of his musical idols, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, as reported by the New York Times.

Meet Allen Stone’s Wife, Tara Lawson: Revealing Their Age Difference
Allen Stone, aged 34, is a musician married to Tara Lawson, who is presumably 36 as of 2022, indicating a two-year age difference between them.

Allen Stone will turn 35 in 2022, having been born on March 13, 1987, in Chewelah, Washington, United States.

Meanwhile, Tara Lawson is older than Allen, although her exact date of birth remains unclear to the media.

Allen Stone and his wife Tara have a delightful son named Roody Rocket Stone, whose birth they celebrated three years ago. Their family moments can be glimpsed through their Instagram posts.

The couple welcomed their son into the world with joy, as he was born on Friday, March 29, at 8:38 a.m. in Spokane, Washington, weighing 6 pounds, 12 ounces.

“We are thrilled to welcome our little Rocket into the world,” exclaimed the 32-year-old “Normally” singer in a statement to PEOPLE. “We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be his parents. What an amazing journey. Go, Roody!”

The couple is captured side by side, gazing adoringly at their newborn in a series of heartwarming photos shared exclusively with PEOPLE. Another snapshot depicts their baby peacefully sleeping in his bassinet.

Details about his parents are not publicly known, nor is it disclosed whether he has any siblings. All that is known about his upbringing is that he commenced his singing career at his father’s church. His father served as a minister, while his mother worked as an OB/GYN nurse.

Allen Stone can be found on Instagram under the handle @allenstone, where he boasts over 200k followers and remains active.

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