What Happened To Shelly Harrington Sanders? Kennedy Cymone Mother Died, Shot During Burglary

Kennedy Cymone, a prominent YouTuber, recently paid tribute to her late mother, Shelly Harrington, on her online entertainment platform. This heartfelt post not only resonated with her dedicated fan base but also brought attention to her mother’s memory.

Known for her comedic content and prank videos that have consistently lifted the spirits of her audience, Kennedy Cymone quickly gained national fame with her unique uploads.

Shelly Harrington Sanders, Kennedy’s beloved mother, passed away on April 25, 2022, in Concord, North Carolina. Described as a caring and supportive mother, she was more than just a parent – she was a friend to her children.

Kennedy, in a recent Instagram tribute, expressed, “My closest friend, my ally, my rock, my personal chef who shared all her secret recipes, truly my everything…” She continued, “I find myself staring at your photos all day, every day… just reflecting on how beautiful you were inside and out.”

Tragically, Shelly Harrington Sanders lost her life during a burglary incident. She succumbed to injuries sustained in the incident, taking her last breath at Artium Health-Cabarrus in North Carolina. Despite her departure, her memory lives on in the hearts of her loved ones.

Known for being one of the most endearing individuals who cherished her children above all else, Shelly Harrington was in a long-term marriage with her husband, Charles E. Sanders. The couple shared two children, Kennedy Knight and Korbin Sanders.

The sudden loss has left the family devastated, mourning the departure of their cherished member, who had always been there for them whenever needed.

Shelly Harrington Sanders was around 50 years old at the time of her untimely passing. Born on January 29, 1972, to her parents Barbara and Charles, she pursued her education at High Point University and began establishing her career.

During her focus on her professional journey, Harrington crossed paths with her future husband. The two fell deeply in love and eventually tied the knot.

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