What are Shinto Towels?

Do you like to use towels during your bath or at other times? The best towel gives you the most pleasurable experience when you wrap your body with it. You might have come across well-tested bath towels and hand towels of different sizes. However, Shinto towels have become a popular choice because of their elegance and comfort. These towels have impressed several users with their smooth texture and high absorbency rate. Let us talk more about premium-quality branded towels.

Which fibres are used for Shinto towels?

The Japanese brand, Shinto, has carefully chosen the best fibres to design the towels. Every towel is made from organic cotton fabric imported from India. The luxuriously soft and long fibres grow in India. These fibres undergo the combing process to remove the extra fluff from the surface. If there is fluff, it will become prominent when you wash the towels. Moreover, combing makes the towels smooth and soft to the touch.

Weaving process for manufacturing Shinto towels

Shinto designers use traditional shuttle machines for weaving inner pile towels. They use some other machines for weaving Yukine styles and 2.5-PLY Gauze. But, why do Shinto towel manufacturers rely on old machines to design their products? The main reason is that it is quite challenging to weave the desired fabric structure. So, designers have customized every old machine to meet their needs. However, they could not do it with modern weaving technology. Their aim is to produce unique and intricate weaves that make towels softer.  

Why do Japanese Shinto towels have high absorbency power?

As the Shinto team implements the Atozarashi refining process, it increases the absorbency of towels. It is a way to refine cotton fibres that need to be bleached and washed after a successful weaving process.

This innovative approach causes the impurities and starches to wash away. That is why fibres retain the maximum absorbency power and preserve the fluffy texture. Although most Shinto towels have good absorbency, the Yukine-style towels are the best from this perspective. They are made from white cotton fibres and give you the desired experience

Best Shinto towels

Yukine Bath Towel from Shinto

Made from cotton, the bath towel is available in a light red colour. The fibres have undergone the Atozarashi process to ensure natural absorbency. Multiple washes of the towel make the cotton fibres softer.

2.5-Ply Gauze

It is another Shinto towel with high absorbency and quick-drying capacity. It is a versatile product because you can use it not only as a bath towel but also as a blanket. 

Yukine Face Towel 

The soft face towel from Shinto is best for your everyday use. The grey towel made from cotton has a highly sophisticated look.

The Shinto team has tried to apply the most effective technology and fresh ideas for designing every towel. If you are looking for the best Shinto towel collection, you can visit Bedtonic. This online platform presents you with an array of towels from Shinto.

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