Understanding the immigration process for Schengen

Nowadays, many people want to migrate to Schengen for better opportunities. In this article, you will find 5 important immigration steps that you should take to go to Schengen.

Steps of immigration to Schengen 

Following are the 5 steps of immigration to Schengen:

  1. Research your options

When you decide to start your immigration process to Schengen, then you should start researching your employment options and where you can reside. For example if you are planning to do a job in Melbourne, apply for it before your process starts so you can get it when you arrive there. Secondly a shelter is the most important thing you would need as soon as you arrive there. This is why you need to find a home to rent or either buy from the real estate websites that are provided online. 

  1. Applying for a visa nomination

After researching your options you should apply for a visa nomination. Visa nomination is basically the process of identifying a position to be filled by an overseas skilled worker in a business. If you take an example of a Victorian visa nomination, applying for it is very easy and there is even no charge. When you apply for a visa nomination, then getting employment opportunities can be very easy. Not only that but getting a visa nomination is a very useful advantage that you receive. As it can grant you permanent residency in Schengen and allow your family members to work, travel and study in Schengen. You can contact immigration consultants in Muscat.

  1. Apply for a visa 

Even though you get your visa nomination, you would still have to apply for an actual Schengenn Visa through the department of home affairs online website. The procedure of applying for an Schengenn Visa is kind of complex. First of all you will have to select a visa type to apply for. Then make your application with some important documents that the Schengenn agency requires. Afterthat pay your charges through your immigration account and give the interview if necessary. Then finally pay the visa fees and wait for the procedure to come to a decision. After applying for a visa make sure to wait till it processes in the agency and gives you an answer. You can apply for visa Schengen also. 

  1. Prepare your things 

If your visa application is accepted, start packing your things up for the journey ahead. Take all your belongings like your clothes, personal electronics, medicines and other necessary things. Make sure to carry some emergency cash in case you need it. Prepare yourself mentally and physically to adjust in a completely new environment.

  1. Arrive and settle in

When you arrive there, observe the local people’s lifestyle. The way they eat, the way they talk, the way they walk etc. after that try to adjust yourself and be just like the local people of that country but it’s also important to keep your local practices in mind. Secondly, to settle in between them try to attend the local festivals that take place there and follow some of the traditions they follow.


Process of immigration can be sometimes complex and hard. Consider hiring an immigration consultant to help you with your documents if necessary. If you follow these 5 steps, then the probability of you being selected will increase.

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