Understand The Side Effects Of  Tui Na Massage

Tui Na massage is a part of traditional Chinese medicine that gives many health advantages. It involves reducing tension, pain relief, and increasing circulation. It is important to know the side effects, risks, and considerations linked with Tui Na massage. In this article, we will examine these reasons to make sure people make wise decisions about their massage therapy.

Tui Na massage includes different techniques like

  • Rolling
  • Kneading
  • Pressing

This technique works on the soft tissues of the body, joints, and muscles. It is one of a few forms of massage that emphasize relaxation. The goal is to handle health problems by restoring the balance of the energy flow to the body and improving health.

Side Effects of Tui Na Massage


Bruising has no side effects, is harmless, and resolves on its own. However, people with a disposition to bruise quickly or those who take blood-thinning medication must exercise caution.


Tui na massage can provoke deep relaxation when one feels tired. This tiredness is temporary and must diminish within a few hours. People with fatigue and chronic health conditions communicate their issues with the therapist to make sure adjustments are made as required.


Tui na massage improves sensitivity in the treated areas, especially if the therapist objects to the particular acupressure points and zone of stress. This sensitivity diminishes over time, so people with sensory problems and pain sensitivity must communicate their comfort level with the therapist.

Release Emotional

Tui Na massage can provoke emotional responses, like reducing stress stores in the body. It is normal for people to feel sadness and frustration during or after the massage. The Chinese doctor in Dubai  must create  a supportive environment to give emotional release.

Risks and Considerations


While tui Na massage is safe for everyone, there are some contraindications to emphasize. These include significant lesions, wounds, medical conditions, infections, and pregnancy—people with health problems must consult with their healthcare providers before undergoing Tui Nam massage.

Transparent Communication

Transparent communication between the customer and the acupuncture therapist ensures a smooth massage experience. Customers must communicate any chronic medical issues or injuries with the therapist prior to the session, and the therapist must listen to the customer’s review accordingly.


Drinking a lot of water is essential for a Tui Na massage session to remove the toxin material released during the massage and avoid dehydration. Staying hydrated can also help reduce the risk of after-massage fatigue.


Tui na massage gives several health advantages and is harmless for most people when performed by experts. As a therapist, knowing the side effects, risks, and considerations is essential to make a safe and positive massage experience. By understanding the reasons and communicating with the therapist, people can learn more about the advantages of using tui na massage while at less risk.

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