Top 10 Steering Wheel Manufacturers in the United States

The United States boasts a vibrant automotive accessories market, particularly noted for its innovative steering wheel manufacturers. These companies not only enhance the driving experience through superior design and functionality but also cater to a wide range of preferences from racing enthusiasts to classic car lovers. Here’s a detailed look at the top 10 steering wheel manufacturers in the U.S., including a thorough introduction to each company’s background, culture, and products.

1. Grant Products

   Company Overview: Established in 1922, Grant Products has emerged as a leading figure in the automotive steering wheel industry, revered for its robust catalog of automotive accessories.

   Company Culture: The company thrives on a foundation of innovation and quality, focusing on customer satisfaction and reliability as core values.

   Main Products: Grant is famed for its extensive range of custom and aftermarket steering wheels catering to auto racing, trucks, boats, and even golf carts.

2. Momo USA

   Company Overview: As the American arm of the iconic Italian brand Momo, Momo USA extends the exquisite European design and precision engineering to the American market.

   Company Culture: This branch maintains the original ethos of Italian craftsmanship combined with an understanding of the unique demands of the American consumer.

   Main Products: Their product lineup includes high-performance steering wheels and various automotive accessories designed for both aesthetics and functionality.

3. NRG Innovations

   Company Overview: Known for its youthful energy and innovative approach, NRG Innovations has quickly established itself within the racing community since its inception.

   Company Culture: It is centered around creating affordable performance enhancements that do not compromise on quality.

   Main Products: The company specializes in steering wheels, quick releases, and other racing necessities designed to enhance vehicle control and driver experience.

4. Forever Sharp Steering Wheels

   Company Overview: Known for its commitment to excellence, Forever Sharp offers a wide array of steering wheels that blend quality with competitive pricing.

   Company Culture: They are committed to maintaining strong customer relations and ensuring product excellence across their range.

   Main Products: Their catalog features custom steering wheels that fit a variety of vehicles from classic cars to modern trucks and performance vehicles.

5. JDM Store

   Company Overview: JDM Store excels in providing unique, high-quality JDM accessories, with a keen focus on the stylish design and enduring popularity of JDM products.

   Company Culture: The store is dedicated to being a premier destination for enthusiasts, with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing.

   Main Products: They offer a diverse range of JDM accessories, particularly noted for their distinct steering wheel designs available exclusively online.

6. Sparco USA

   Company Overview: As part of the global Sparco brand, Sparco USA brings high-quality Italian racing gear to the American market.

   Company Culture: Their focus is on enhancing racing performance through cutting-edge innovations in their products.

   Main Products: They provide a selection of racing steering wheels, racing seats, and safety equipment tailored for professional and amateur racers alike.

7. OMP America

   Company Overview: OMP America serves as the U.S. subsidiary of the world-renowned OMP Racing, known for its comprehensive range of racing safety equipment.

   Company Culture: The company prioritizes high safety standards and performance, supporting racers and performance drivers with top-tier equipment.

   Main Products: Their offerings include premium racing steering wheels and various accessories designed for high performance and safety.

8. Detroit Wheel and Tire

   Company Overview: Specializing in luxury and performance steering wheels, Detroit Wheel and Tire caters to a discerning clientele.

   Company Culture: The company prides itself on delivering products that combine durability, aesthetic appeal, and high performance.

   Main Products: They focus on steering wheels for luxury and performance vehicles, ensuring high quality and excellent craftsmanship.

9. Con2R

   Company Overview: Unique for its “Your Wheel, Your Way” philosophy, Con2R allows customers to heavily customize their steering wheels.

   Company Culture: They emphasize customer-driven designs and individualized solutions.

   Main Products: Con2R specializes in highly customized steering wheels that are crafted to meet specific customer desires and specifications.

10. Colorado Custom

   Company Overview: Colorado Custom is known for its exceptional craftsmanship in the manufacturing of custom steering wheels.

   Company Culture: The company is dedicated to precision and quality, ensuring each product meets stringent standards.

   Main Products: They offer bespoke steering wheels tailored for custom and classic vehicles, emphasizing unique designs and superior quality.

Each of these manufacturers has contributed significantly to the automotive industry, offering products that meet diverse needs—from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle to improving its performance and safety standards. This rich tapestry

of customization opportunities in the steering wheel market showcases not only the adaptability of these manufacturers but also their dedication to enhancing the personal driving experience. As automotive technology and consumer preferences continue to evolve, these top manufacturers are poised to lead the way in innovations that could redefine the way we interact with our vehicles’ most tactile controls. Whether enhancing a classic restoration project or outfitting a modern race car, these companies ensure that every driver has access to the best in quality and performance.

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