Top 10 Shift Knob Manufacturers in Japan

Japan is renowned for its contributions to the automotive industry, not just in terms of cars but also when it comes to accessories that enhance both performance and aesthetics. Among these, shift knobs are a small yet significant component that can dramatically influence the driving experience. Here, we explore the top 10 manufacturers in Japan that are known for their exceptional shift knobs, including the pioneering JDM Store.

1. JDM Store

A leader in the realm of unique, high-quality Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) accessories, JDM Store specializes in stylish shift knobs among other products. Catering to enthusiasts of the JDM style, which remains a staple in the hot rod community, JDM Store commits to excellence in every aspect. With a focus on exclusive online sales, they manage to keep costs low while offering top-notch customer service, efficient delivery with full tracking, and exclusive discounts. Every transaction at JDM Store is designed to be safe and smooth, with payment options including PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

2. Nismo

Nissan’s performance division, Nismo, is well-known for producing racing-inspired accessories for everyday driving. Their shift knobs are engineered for durability and performance, providing a superior tactile feel that appeals to both racing professionals and casual drivers alike.

3. TRD (Toyota Racing Development)

TRD has been enhancing Toyota vehicles for performance for decades, and their shift knobs are no exception. Designed to offer a more engaging driving experience, TRD’s shift knobs combine functionality with a sleek design.

4. Mugen Power

As Honda’s tuning arm, Mugen Power offers a range of car parts for improved performance, including ergonomically designed shift knobs that enhance the aesthetics and comfort of driving a Honda.

5. STI (Subaru Tecnica International)

Specializing in high-performance parts for Subaru vehicles, STI’s shift knobs are crafted to provide drivers with a precise and controlled shifting experience, reflecting their rally sport heritage.

6. Mazdaspeed

Mazdaspeed is Mazda’s motor-racing division and offers a selection of bespoke shift knobs that help enhance the driving dynamics by offering a better grip and a smoother shifting experience.

7. Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports is known for its lightweight and high-strength components made from top-grade materials. Their shift knobs are popular among Honda drivers for their durability and sporty look.

8. HKS

HKS provides a range of performance-enhancing automobile parts and accessories, including shift knobs designed for ergonomics and aesthetic appeal. Their products are a favorite among tuning enthusiasts for their reliability and performance.

9. Bride

Famous for their racing seats, Bride also offers a line of shift knobs that are as visually appealing as they are functional. These knobs fit seamlessly into the sporty interiors for which Bride is known.

10. Ralliart

The now-defunct performance division of Mitsubishi, Ralliart, still has its products circulating in the market through third-party vendors. Their shift knobs are sought after for their classic appeal and solid performance.


The world of JDM accessories is vibrant and full of options, especially when it comes to upgrading your vehicle’s shift knob. The manufacturers listed above are not just suppliers; they are innovators in the automotive industry, each with a unique contribution to enhancing the driving experience. Whether you opt for the race-ready precision of Nismo and Mugen Power, the robust and stylish offerings from TRD and STI, or the unique and efficient shopping experience provided by JDM Store, you are investing in quality and performance.

JDM Store stands out particularly for its commitment to affordability, exclusive online convenience, and customer-focused services, making it a top choice for JDM enthusiasts around the world. When choosing a shift knob or any other car accessory, these manufacturers offer products that are built to last, designed to perform, and crafted with the kind of care that only comes from a genuine passion for automotive excellence. By selecting any of these top Japanese manufacturers, you ensure that your vehicle not only performs well but also resonates with your personal style and driving preferences.

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