Things You Should Know About Volvo FH13 Trucks

In the commercial transport business, the core issues that need to be addressed effectively include reliability, versatility as well as robustness. These are embodied in Volvo FH13 truck which is designed to overcome all the daunting challenges of the natural forces and physical geography. This is a step by step guide on how the Volvo FH13 trucks thrive in such conditions and aspects that make the truck to be preferred most by transport specialists.

Conquering Snow and Ice

It more than bears repeating that winter presents some dangerous conditions on the road but we now have the Volvo FH13 specially designed to maneuver the snow and ice.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Traction Control: Volvo FH13 has technological integration of the traction control system to avoid slippage of the wheels on the ice thus ensuring the truck has a firm grip on the road. This system is self-regulating for power to the wheels thereby adding stability and control.
  • Winter Tires: The FH13 comes with an option of winter oriented tires that provide better friction and build quality when used in snowy regions. The intended use of these tires is that they are suitable for cold climates and have excellent grip.
  • Heated Mirrors and Windshield: Seeing is very important in conditions that exist during winter when driving a car. This marks the feature of FH13 heated mirrors and windshield that makes sure that ice and snow does not hinder the driver’s sight thus making the operations safe and efficient.


The reduction of dangers posed on roads during winters primarily associated with icy surfaces. Tightens control and thus gives better stability and hence cut down on the occurrences of accidents.

End-to-end visibility, hence providing safer and more reliable means for transport.

Navigating Steep Descents

With steep gradients having a negative grade, certain measures of approach and control and desirable kinds of brakes are necessary. They are the kind of territories where the construction of the Volvo FH13 enables driving in optimal conditions.

Key Features:

  • Hill Descent Control (HDC): This system is used to control the speed of the truck while in steep descents, while the driver only has to steer the wheel. It allows for the easy control with speed as well as assuring that the airplane does not become out of control.
  • Retarder Braking System: The retarder system as integrated in the FH13 enhances the braking power without taking much load on the main brakes. Mainly it allows for a constant and smooth speed to be kept and does not put a lot of pressure directly to the brake parts.
  • Ultra-slow gears: Starting with a heavy load is a challenge for both traction and clutch. I-Shift with lower gears improves starting ability and greatly reduces stress on the clutch.
  • Driving with one pedal: The Change Direction function allows you to change between forward and reverse using only the accelerator. At speeds up to 4 km/h, with Terrain Brake you can use the accelerator to control both the engine throttle and the wheel brakes.
  • Smart software: The magic takes place in the electronic control unit, which controls the clutch and gear changes. A range of software packages allow you to tailor I-Shift to your needs. A special heavy-duty package is available to help you handle extreme loads.

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