Thierry Bordelais- All About Karla Homolka’s Husband

Thierry Bordelais is predominantly recognized as the second husband of Karla Homolka, widely regarded as Canada’s most infamous woman due to her involvement in serial killings in Ontario during the early 1990s. Homolka, convicted of the murders of three minors, met Bordelais during her trial, as he happens to be the brother of her defense lawyer.

Bordelais, born sometime between the 1960s and 1970s, is a Canadian of Afro descent. Details about his upbringing and parents are scant, but it’s known that he has a sister.

Sylvie Bordelais, Thierry’s sister, is a seasoned defense attorney who represented Karla Homolka during her trials in the 1990s. With over three decades of experience, Sylvie currently practices law in Montreal, QC.

Thierry and Karla’s relationship began during her trial. Despite Homolka’s notorious reputation, they fell in love. However, their marriage didn’t materialize until after Homolka’s 12-year imprisonment, culminating in their official union in 2005.

Following their marriage, questions arose about Thierry’s decision to wed a convicted killer, especially concerning their community’s concerns about living near such a notorious figure.

Despite Karla Homolka’s grim past, she and Thierry have three children together—a daughter and two sons—who are currently attending a public school in Quebec.

Karla Homolka, born on May 4, 1970, in Ontario, Canada, grew up in a turbulent household marked by her father’s alcoholism and domestic discord. Despite her challenging upbringing, she managed to overcome some of the associated difficulties.

Homolka’s notoriety primarily stems from her relationship with her former partner in crime, Paul Bernardo, earning them the infamous moniker “Ken and Barbie Serial Killers.” Bernardo, known as “The Scarborough Rapist” or “The Schoolgirl Killer,” exerted complete control over Homolka during their relationship, which lasted nearly four years and resulted in the rape and murder of three innocent victims, including Homolka’s sister.

In 1993, Homolka testified against Bernardo and was subsequently sentenced to a reduced term of 12 years in prison, having opted to cooperate with authorities in exchange for a lesser sentence.

As for Thierry Bordelais, he and Homolka are still married and reside in a Montreal suburb, Chateauguay, Quebec, where they live with their children. Their current occupations remain undisclosed.

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