The Power of Community: Building a Strong Social Media Following for Business Growth

Today, social media has become the most effective way for business marketing. A recent report has revealed that more than 5 billion users have now been registered on different social media platforms so far. The common social media channels may include Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, Snapchat and others.

As social media channels can help you showcase your business to a large number of people, many businesses have established their presence on social media. But remember that more than establishing your presence on social media is required. You have to create a strong community or following that can help you expand your network, leading to better business growth.

If you are new to social media and want to get instant or immediate results, this article is for you. This article is a detailed account of the best practices for creating a strong community on social media.

As well as this, we have also discussed the potential reasons why businesses should invest in social media marketing. So, let’s begin your social media marketing learning journey here!

Why you should create a strong social media following?

Social media has helped businesses a lot in establishing their strong presence in the online world. From worldwide brand recognition to obtaining inbound traffic, and targeting specific audiences, everything has become possible because of social media marketing:

1. Brand awareness though social media

Social media has revolutionized the ways we communicate and connect with people and businesses. According to Pew Research Center around 72% of adult users use Facebook, 28% use Instagram, 31% Pinterest, and 25% of users are on LinkedIn. These are the numbers that creators or businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Remember that having a strong presence on these channels can give you access to all these users. You can connect with new audiences and users immediately to get a chance of being discovered by new customers. So, keep posting relevant and quality content to boost your Facebook followers, Instagram followers, and others, increasing your brand awareness.

2. Inbound traffic

When you start a website or blog, it takes time to get traction or receive viewers or visitors. Only some people get to know when you publish content on your website or blog.

Here comes social media that can help you spread your content to a large number of like-minded people within no time. You can post your content to social media channels along with a link to your website or blog post. Thus, it will become a reason for you to get inbound traffic.

3. Valuable connections with customers

It has been seen that businesses or brands with social media presence are considered the most trusted and credible sources compared to brands with no social media presence.

The reason behind this is that people can easily contact and keep updated through social media channels, including TikTok, encouraging a sense of trust and credibility. So, the more credible source you will become the more chances you will have to increase TikTok followers, likes, and other engagement. 

4. An effective way to get feedback

Your customer’s feedback is something crucial that can bring improvements to your services. Social media has made it easy for you to know your audience’s satisfaction and interest rate.

People leave comments about some particular services or may ask you directly about those services or products through DMs. In such a way you start working accordingly to meet the user’s requirements. Consequently, you can better promote your business, leading to a boost in your business revenue.

5. Targeting advertising

Social media is also recommended because it helps you reach your target audience immediately. Almost all social media channels allow you to run advertisements.

For example, if you run an advertisement through Instagram, the advertising option allows you to set the specified demographics, including users’ age, location, gender, and other preferences. In such a way, your services or products will be showcased only to like-minded people. Thus, it will help you enhance Isntagram followers, increasing your brand awareness and business revenue.

The best practices to create a strong social media community

You have ample ideas of why your business should need a strong presence on social media networks. Now, we come up with the best practices that will surely help you create a strong presence and following on social media channels:

1. Invite your acquainted

Start by inviting your acquainted people. Request your friends and family members to follow and like you on social media channels on which you want to target your audience. When people start liking or following you constantly, the algorithm will mark you as a credible or trusted source, spreading your account or content to more like-minded people.

2. Give a warm welcome to your customers

The more you give respect to your customers or new users, the more you will win their trust and love. Make a welcome post and show a warm welcome to all of your newly joined customers and users. Write kind words of appreciation that will make them happy and encourage them to keep staying with you and purchasing from you.

3. Create quality and optimized content

Whatever the social media network you are using, publishing relevant, quality, and optimized content is the key. Use compelling words, relevant vocabulary, and eye-catching phrases to grab the attention of your users. To make your content optimized, start integrating the relevant keywords and hashtags into your content, helping you appear more in the search results.

4. Cross-promote your content

Not everyone uses every single social media channel. This is the reason, you must create your presence on almost all the social media channels that are trending and commonly used among your targetted audiences. Create content and then try to promote it on all the channels. In such a way, your content or products will reach more users, increasing interactions that will lead to business growth and sales.

5. Always be responsive to your community

Being a responsive brand or business on social media helps you become an authentic source on social media. When you respond to the comments and DMs, your customers get answers to their queries. It will create a sense of satisfaction and also increase trustworthiness.

6. Work with influencers

Working with influencers is a modern way of business marketing, helping you get immediate recognition in the market. If you are a YouTube creator, start collaborating with other creators who are quite relevant within your niche or targetted audience. It will not only help you increase YouTube subscribers but credibility and business revenue as well.

The bottom line

Social media channels help brands and businesses create a strong community, increasing brand awareness and revenue. There are several other benefits you can avail while presenting your business on social media. What you need to do is follow the effective practices that can help you create a strong community immediately.

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