The 5 Benefits and Future of Face Verification

In a world where the security of data and assets is facing the biggest threat, getting your hands on reliable verification and authentication methods is important. Whether it’s about getting access to our bank account or unlocking our smartphone or tablet, we unknowingly depend heavily on authentication methods to protect our delicate information. A method that has gained popularity recently is Face Verification.

Facial verification is a modern technology that helps in verifying the identity of people by looking at and examining their facial features. The old and traditional methods made use of passwords and PINs which have high chances of being forgotten or being leaked, but the new technology of face verification is secure as the facial features of every person are unique. By making use of advanced algorithms, this system can analyze unique features like the distance between your eyes, the shape of your nose, etc, and create a digital version of your face which is known as face print. This faceprint is later used to verify the identity of the user by comparing it against a stored template. 

The Rise of Face Verification Systems

With the increasing use of cell phones and the rising requirement for taking security measures, Face Verification systems have now become very well-known. Whether you want to unlock your cell phone or secure your transactions taking place online, this technology is easy to use and is very reliable. Organizations working across different industries and sectors like banking, e-commerce, etc are making full use of Face Verification systems to increase security and improve the experience of their users. By using biometric solutions like face verification as a replacement for the old methods, businesses can actually decrease the chances of people getting unauthorized access. 

The Evolution of Face ID Verification

One of the most recent and amazing uses of Face Verification can be seen in Apple’s Face ID. This technology makes use of advanced algorithms for facial recognition to analyze the features of the face of the user and make a mathematical representation out of it, known as a faceprint. This print is then used to verify the identity of users and provides a secure experience. With the help of Face ID, users can easily get access to their mobile phones, make payments and also get access to sensitive data just by looking at the screen with no requirement of a passcode or PIN.

The Benefits of Face Verification

  1. Enhanced Security: The old and traditional methods of verification required passwords and PINs which could be easily compromised and were vulnerable to theft or hacking. Face Verification on the other hand provides a very secure method of verifying people’s identities. By examining their facial features that are unique, Face Verification systems make an imprint that is digital and not easy to replicate. This helps in decreasing the chances of people getting unauthorized access and stealing identities. 
  2. Convenience and User Experience: With the help of online Face ID Verification, clients can go through an easy and smooth authentication process with no worries or hassle. The days where you had to remember the complex and long passwords are no longer here. Now, you can just look at your phone or device and get immediate access to secure areas. This smooths our experience and also saves time. 
  3. Accessibility: Face Verification can be used for everyone as it allows for inclusivity and is easy to access. The old and traditional approaches were not  user friendly for people who had certain disabilities or literary skills. Face Verification online makes this possible as it goes beyond language barriers and physical limitations. This makes sure that all people can make use of it.
  4. Fraud Prevention: In sectors and industries like banking, online business, and medical care, where fraud and theft of identity are very common problems, Face Verification comes in handy. By making use of biometric verification, businesses are able to verify the identities of their users very accurately and reduce the risk of fraudulent activities taking place like account takeovers, unauthorized transactions taking place, etc.
  5. Streamlined Processes: Online face verification smoothes out processes across businesses from client onboarding to taking attendance of employees. In the banking sector for example, Face Verification makes it easy and quick to open new accounts and has put a stop to the need of bringing physical documents and coming in person for verification. In companies also, face verification helps in timekeeping and improves efficiency of operations.

What Does The Future Look Like? 

The future of Face Verification without a doubt looks bright as with time more and more people and businesses will be seen moving towards it. Face verification systems have made identification easier, and accurate. As technologies continue to develop in artificial intelligence and machine learning, this system will become more reliable. 

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