Styled By Shishi (Shiran Melamed) Husband, Children And Net Worth

Shiran Melamed is not only a digital content writer but also an avid fashion enthusiast. As a social media personality, she actively engages with her audience on Instagram and TikTok, consistently adjusting her title to reflect the current time of day as she shares relevant content to cater to her followers’ interests.

Her success is attributed to her distinctive style sense, showcased on her Instagram account, @styledbyshishi. Utilizing this platform, she promotes various fashion brands.

The husband of Styled By Shishi, Shiran Melamed, is Daniel Melamed.

NameShiran Melamed
OccupationFashion Enthusiast and social media influencer
HusbandDaniel Melamed
Net Worth$1 million

While the specific date of their marriage remains undisclosed, it appears that they have shared a longstanding connection. Her husband, Daniel Melamed, is a thriving entrepreneur and the founder of Excalibur Equities Corp.

For a decade, Daniel has overseen the asset management division of Excalibur Equities Corp., a privately held, family-owned business. The company prides itself on a hands-on approach, fostering a stronger landlord-tenant relationship, which is integral to the company’s success.

Thanks to Melamed’s diligence and commitment, Excalibur Equities has earned a reputation as a compassionate, adaptable, and trustworthy management service.

A spokesperson mentioned that the children’s hospital received several gifts from Daniel Melamed, including a Nintendo Switch, LEGO sets, arts and crafts supplies, and Uno cards.

As reported by finance.Yahoo.Com, apart from being a successful businessman, he actively engages in various philanthropic endeavors. His charitable contributions include multiple donations to organizations such as the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in Long Island.

Having served numerous clients over the years, it’s no surprise to the local community that he would make such generous gestures. Among the organizations he has supported are FIDF, Chabbad, and his local Temple. He takes pride in assisting many young individuals in his neighborhood by acting as a mentor and guidance counselor.

Originally from Tehran, Iran, he immigrated to the United States at the age of eleven. Committed to his business, he is dedicated to providing his esteemed clients with excellent service. His venture into real estate began in 2000, and after a few short months in the industry, he founded his own business in Canaries Brooklyn.

Over time, he expanded the business into a full-service, family-owned real estate company with a robust portfolio of commercial properties. In 2015, Excalibur Equities was established under his leadership.

With a specific focus on Brooklyn, the company owned and managed over 30 properties in New York City in 2018.

In terms of family, Shiran Melamed, known for Style by Shishi, is a mother of three children. In an interview, she mentioned being a stay-at-home mom to three sons, all in their early youth years. She has consistently shared her motherhood experiences, adding a touch of fashion and humor.

Her children frequently feature in her Instagram posts, showcasing stylish outfits to promote various fashion brands. While she hasn’t disclosed much about her kids, she has mentioned two of the boys’ names as Benjamin and Asher.

As she held their small bodies close to her heart, it was love at first sight. Learning from them, she discovered how to love unconditionally and embrace patience and selflessness.

She witnessed her first toddler take his initial steps in their kitchen, observed her lively little one playfully applying butt paste on their hand-knotted silk carpets in the living room, and is currently experiencing these moments with their newest addition to the family for the third time. She considers herself fortunate and grateful to be their mother.

While she hasn’t shared extensive details about her family, her father made an appearance in one of her Instagram posts, expressing gratitude for teaching her valuable life lessons and being an exceptional grandfather to her children.

Shiran also has a sister who frequently appears in many of her Instagram posts, and she is an aunt as well. Demonstrating a strong family orientation, Shiran spends quality time with her family, especially her three boys.

In terms of finances, social media personality and fashion enthusiast Shiran Melamed boasts a net worth of $1 million in 2022. Her wealth is attributed to her career in the fashion industry and her popular Instagram handle, Styled by Shishi. With 112k followers on Instagram, her fashion choices are widely appreciated globally.

For those interested in her clothing and accessories, they can be found on www.Revolve.Com, where a variety of high-quality women’s fashion wear, among other items, is available.

Additionally, she has become a TikTok sensation, achieving global fame on the video-sharing platform for her unique and content-rich videos. With over 102.4k followers on her TikTok account and videos amassing over 3.2 million likes, she undoubtedly has earned a substantial income from this platform.

Her considerable global following can be attributed to her keen sense of aesthetics and fashion, coupled with her entertaining and humorous content on Instagram and TikTok. As a result, her net worth is anticipated to continue rising in the coming years.

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