Spotlight on 5 Richest Painting Companies in San Antonio

San Antonio is an affluent city in Texas with an excellent GDP of $163.1 Billion. This is a city packed with numerous skyscrapers in different areas. You’ll find many big, thriving businesses and many millionaires. You’ll also find some of the Richest Painting Companies in San Antonio. These companies are successful and are cashing millions into their bank accounts. We’ll give a Spotlight on 5 Richest Painting Companies in San Antonio. People underestimate the potential of the companies providing this service, but understanding its potential can be helpful because you can pack millions of dollars into your bank accounts if you know this business’ potential. Therefore, let us give you a Spotlight on 5 Richest Painting Companies in San Antonio. Let’s start our article without further ado because we have many things to share.

Spotlight on 5 Richest Painting Companies in San Antonio

We’ll continue our journey by announcing the names of the 5 Painting Companies in San Antonio that carry the most attention from the people living in this city. People love working with these companies because they deliver quality work at reasonable prices. Here are their names:

  1. Hendrick Painting
  2. Texas Professional Painting
  3. Paper Moon Painting
  4. Five Star Painting
  5. Southern Painting

These are the 5 Richest Painting Companies in San Antonio. People love to work with them because of the quality of the work they deliver. We’ll brief you about the overview of these painting companies while mentioning their yearly revenue. We have yet to determine the exact revenue figures of these 5 painting companies, but we’ve got some statistics after researching. We’ll share our research with you. Hopefully, you’ll like our research and never underestimate this painting business’s potential after reading our article.

Hendrick Painting

Hendrick Painting is the Best Painting Company in San Antonio. It has been in business for over 18 years as of 2024. This is a wealthy painting company with thousands of clients. The reason people pick this company is its quality working. Hendrick Painting is an ancient brand in the San Antonio painting market that has been serving its clients for decades. It has skilled painters working under it who help people with Residential and Commercial Painting. This company is comfortable providing Residential and Commercial Painting Services in San Antonio. The yearly revenue of this company might surprise you because no one expects these numbers from the businesses that are underestimated the most.

According to Zoom Info, Hendrick Painting’s yearly revenue is approximately $5 million. This company is also interested in providing services other than painting. Hendrick Painting also provides Pressure Washing, Carpentry Services, and Property Management Services. Every company first establishes its brand awareness with 1 service. That’s precisely what Hendrick Painting did. They first set their name in the San Antonio market through painting. Later, they launched more services to earn more revenue. This helped them increase their yearly income, and Hendrick Painting is the Richest Painting Company in San Antonio as of 2024.

Texas Professional Painting

Texas Professional Painting is another Wealthy Painting Company in San Antonio. This company covers San Antonio and has worked on numerous notable projects. Texas Professional Painting’s yearly revenue competes with Hendrick Painting, but Texas Professional Painting has achieved more than Hendrick Painting after comparing the years of service. Hendrick Painting was founded 18 years ago, and Texas Professional Painting was founded 13 years ago. This company’s revenue is $5 million, but its years of service are fewer than Hendrick Painting’s. Texas Professional Painting helps people with Interior, Exterior, and Restoration Painting. It also helps people by doing Drywall Repairs.

Andres Cuellar is its Founder and Michael Cardenas is its Estimator Suprident. They launched this company, which is driving excellent revenue for them. Today, many people in San Antonio want to work with Texas Professional Painting because this company delivers quality work to them at fair prices. This company has also grown its revenue, and people want to know its Net Worth because everyone wants to know the whereabouts of successful companies and their owners. You’ll find this company’s Net Worth on Wikipesh. We have yet to determine the exact number of this company’s Net Worth, but Wikipesh provides such information. Therefore, please visit that website to learn the Net Worth of Painting Companies.

Paper Moon Painting

Paper Moon Painting is a wealthy company providing services in Austin and San Antonio. Austin is also a big city in Texas with a population of 1 million. Paper Moon Painting’s yearly revenue might be surprising because it packs $5.9 Million yearly with its painting services. The reason it packs more revenue is its performance in 2 different cities. I’ve already mentioned that Paper Moon Painting provides its services in Austin and San Antonio. This company is also comfortable providing its clients with residential and commercial painting services. Wallpaper Installation is also easy for this company. All of its operations are performed in 2 big cities in Texas. Therefore, you must not be surprised by its high revenue. This company was formed on 27 May 2013. Its business years are less, but its revenue is surprising.

Paper Moon Painting prefers providing its services in 2 different cities. Many painting companies use this same strategy to drive more revenue. Javed Painter Dubai is another excellent example of this. This company provides Painting Services in Dubai but is considering expanding its services to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. This strategy is helpful in revenue improvement, and every company works hard to earn more cash. Overall, we have witnessed excellent feedback on Paper Moon Painting. Let’s see which city this company targets in the future.

Five Star Painting

Five Star Painting is another international company, but we’ve mentioned it in the 4th spot because it focuses on other big cities. This company has even covered Canada’s cities. Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario are the 3 cities of Canada where this company provides its services. This company’s revenue might surprise you because it earns $74.8 million yearly. This is enormous, but you can’t count it all because this revenue isn’t gained from San Antonio. This company provides its services in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, and many other big states of the USA. It collects revenue from all the states of the USA. Therefore, we didn’t find the number this company earns from San Antonio because it covers Texas. This company covers not just San Antonio but also the major cities of Texas, including Austin, Cleburne, Dallas, Houston, Temple, and Waco. Therefore, no exact number can be given, but you can understand this company’s wealth.

Southern Painting

The last company on our list is Southern Painting. The yearly revenue this company makes is around $18.9 million. This company also covers different cities and even different states. Southern Painting also performs its operations in Georgia and Florida, but its primary focus is on Texas because Southern Painting is famous throughout the entire state. Southern Painting covers not just San Antonio but also Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, Carrollton, Coppell, Dallas, Frisco, Fort Worth, Houston, etc. This wealthy company covers some more cities, but there is no need to mention them because our primary focus is on San Antonio. Unfortunately, we can’t give you the exact figure of this company’s revenue earned from San Antonio, but its overall revenue is $18.9 million. This number is surprisingly high and is enough for people who underestimate this business’s potential.


That was the Spotlight on 5 Richest Painting Companies in San Antonio. We’ve worked hard to find and share these numbers with our website visitors. We’ll also work hard to find information like this and share it with our users. If you have questions on this topic, please drop them in our website’s comments section. We’d answer your question as it is the duty we love. Helping our website visitors is our duty, and we happily fulfill it. That’s all for now.

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