Several Ways to Use a Crunchy Chili Onion Mix in Meals

Every person should try new foods regularly. However, many people go into a rut and eat the same things repeatedly. While nothing is wrong with that, variety is important in any diet. This goes beyond eating well-balanced meals. Variety is good in all areas of life, including the foods one eats. How can a spice mix be used in different ways? 


Pop a big bowl of popcorn and add a little butter. Before reaching for the salt, try a spice mix, such as crunchy chili onion. Putting the mix on popcorn is a great way to see how it tastes without ruining an entire dish. Put a handful of popcorn on a plate, sprinkle the spice mix over it, and try it. If the chili-onion combo isn’t right, grab the next spice nearby and try it. Many people will never eat plain popcorn again when they see how easy it is to dress this snack up. 

Roasted Vegetables

Buy a huge bag of vegetables at a food warehouse and never worry about growing tired of the taste. These vegetables can be eaten nightly and taste different each time. The flavor comes from the spice mix used that day. Don’t sprinkle the mix over the vegetables until they are done roasting. The spices might scorch if the mix is put on the vegetables before they are cooked. 

Baked Tofu

Many people have never tried baked tofu, and of those who have, some find the taste isn’t to their liking. Add some spices and bake according to the instructions. Doing so may take a bland dish and make it amazing. Try it for lunch or dinner and experiment with different spice mixes to find the perfect combination. With the right spice mix added, tofu may become a favorite food. 

Creamy Soups

Add a teaspoon of the spice mix to a creamy soup and see how it changes the flavor. If a teaspoon improves the taste, add a pinch more until the right amount is found. To recreate the dish in the future, write down which spice mix was used and approximately how much was added. 

Salad Dressings

Many people use basic vinaigrettes on their salads. However, these vinaigrettes can be bland at times. Adding a touch of spices can transform an average dish into something amazing. Store the homemade vinaigrette in the refrigerator for up to two weeks and share it with others. They are sure to be impressed. 

Baked Potatoes

Many people make a meal out of a baked potato with different toppings. Why not take this dish to the next level with the help of a spice mix? Crunchy chili onion is only one to try. There are many other spices mixes a person might find that will up the flavor of this dietary staple. 

Egg Salad 

Countless individuals today love curried egg salad for lunch or dinner. Who knew adding this spice could give a popular dish a new taste? Why not try other spice combinations to see if they are just as good? The ideas are endless when mixing spices for an outstanding meal. 

Some combinations won’t work. Every chef knows that certain meals are a hit while others are a flop. Try different spice combinations and blends on various dishes before dismissing them outright. One person might find something flavorful, while another feels it is an insult to their taste buds. Keep trying. The fun lies in experimenting with different combinations. When an excellent combination is found, it is something to celebrate. 

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