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Sarah Rose is the granddaughter of the renowned TV judge, Judge Judy, also known as Judith Susan Sheindlin.

For over twenty years, Judith Susan Sheindlin has delivered justice to victims and entertained viewers with her show “Judge Judy.” She has become a household name, renowned for her bold and outspoken personality.

While Judy is admired by many, her biggest fan is her granddaughter, Sarah Rose, who is following in her grandmother’s footsteps.

Who is Judge Judy’s Granddaughter? Introducing Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose, born Sarah Rose Levy, is the granddaughter of Judge Judy.

Rose is among the 13 grandchildren of the renowned judge. Proudly following in her grandmother’s footsteps, she is both a lawyer and a television personality.

As of 2021, Rose can be seen on the Judge Judy show, serving as a legal assistant to Sheindlin. Positioned alongside her grandmother, she assists in reaching the final verdict.

However, this is not Sarah’s first television experience. Previously, she worked as a production assistant for the Judge Judy show. Additionally, she was involved in Sheindlin’s other project, Hot Bench.

Before joining the Judge Judy show, Rose wrote an open letter to her grandmother, describing her as her “greatest cheerleader and supporter and her absolute closest friend.”

She added, “You taught me that the path to building confidence is to be independent and take charge of your life in a meaningful and successful way.”

How old is Sarah Rose? Sarah Rose is currently 25 years old as of 2022.

Similar to her grandmother, Sarah possesses remarkable talent, and her educational background is quite impressive! She holds multiple degrees from various universities.

She completed her undergraduate studies in both communication and business law at the University of Southern California in 2019. Following her bachelor’s degree, Rose went on to pursue her JD at New York Law School.

Rose obtained her JD in 2022. Her grandmother, who was invited as the commencement speaker at the graduation ceremony, presented her with the award. On the same day, Sheindlin also received her second honorary degree from NYLS.

Meet Sarah Rose on Instagram as ms_sarahrose. You can find Sarah Rose’s Instagram profile under the username @ms_sarahrose. She boasts over 1.6 thousand followers on the platform.

Moreover, Sarah has expanded her career beyond her grandmother’s sphere. She was already interning at the Putnam County District Attorney’s Office while pursuing her bachelor’s degree.

She also briefly interned for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Additionally, she gained experience working as a virtual entertainment facilitator for Her Honor Mentoring.

Meanwhile, Sheindlin is extremely proud of her granddaughter’s career. She even affectionately refers to Sarah as her younger version.

In the show’s trailer, Sheindlin remarked, “she is wired as am I; she’s a little feisty… that’s what I like.” She further added, “She’s brilliant, cheeky, and stubborn. Who knows where she gets those traits?”

We have much more to anticipate from Sarah in her future endeavors. If she maintains her current pace, she could have her own “Judge Sarah show” in no time!

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