Roofing Realities Revealed: Things to Know Before Roof Replacement in Melbourne

A properly designed and installed roof is one of the most vital elements of your home when it comes to protecting the building, its contents, and its residents.

Although many roofing problems can be alleviated with minor fixes, sometimes roof replacement Melbourne becomes necessary.

Due to the harsh climate within Melbourne, roofs tend to reach a point where they can’t withstand the weather and external elements, making replacing the worn-out roof the only viable solution.

In addition to failing to protect the interior of your home, a damaged or unstable roof can also become a danger to your family and neighbours.

However, the roof replacement process can be complicated. And the ramifications of a poorly installed roof can be disastrous. This article will guide you on what you should know before replacing the roof in Melbourne to do the job correctly.

Does Your Roof Need Repairing or Replacement?

The first thing any homeowner should know is whether their roof needs repair or replacement.

If the major part of your roof is in good condition and only a section has problems, it’s more cost-effective to repair the damaged section rather than replace the whole roof.

However, if you are unsure, then look for the following listed signs for a whole roof replacement Melbourne:

● You can see the light coming through your attic. It can be because your roof has many cracked or broken tiles and ridges that need to be replaced.

● Because of leaks or water damage, you see water patches or stains on your ceiling.

● The age of your roof has surpassed 20 to 30 years.

● Your roof’s structural integrity is compromised due to sagging.

● You can see your roof turning green because of moss or algae that has made its way into the roofing tiles.

How Beneficial Can It Be to Replace Your Roof?

Here discussed are the benefits of replacing your old or damaged roof with a new one:

No more water leaks or mould

Replacing your old roof and opting for a new roof installation will immediately address the ongoing leaks or water damage within your home’s interior, promoting a safer and healthier space.

A leaky roof means moisture is building up in your roof attic, which can cause mildew or mould to grow.

Mould growth can further cause many health problems for your family.

Roof replacement Melbourne will allow your roof attic to dry out, removing mould or mildew and ensuring a healthier home environment.

Make your home more energy-efficient

Replacing your roof not only restores the roof’s durability and sturdiness but also unlocks the opportunity to make your property more energy-efficient.

For instance, the terracotta roof is heat resistant as clay is baked at extremely high temperatures. Such a roof can make your roof space much cooler in summer without burdening the mechanical HVAC system, which increases your home’s energy efficiency.

Protecting you and your family

Aside from keeping your property’s interior watertight, new roof installation can protect you and your family from wind damage or falling trees and debris.

As your roof ages, its internal support structure and tiles can weaken and deteriorate.

Not addressing the aged roof issue can expose your property, you, and your family to unnecessary damage.

Therefore, replacing your aged roof can ensure the safety of your roof and the building’s structure.

In addition, a new roof will protect you and your family from extreme climatic conditions and external elements.

Improved look and feel

Installing a new roof Melbourne can improve the aesthetics of your property.

All you need to do is pick the suitable roofing material, style, and colour that matches your home’s exterior, and roof replacement will transform your property’s look and feel entirely.

What Steps Are Involved in Roof Replacement?

When replacing your roof in Melbourne, your project might involve the following steps:

Onsite visit and roof inspection

Before commencing any roof replacement project, a professional roofing contractor usually does an onsite inspection to determine what work is required.

They will discuss the roof replacement process with the homeowner and request the property plan.

Moreover, the roof must be measured to confirm what roofing and structural materials are required and how much.

Preparing the property

After inspecting your roof, roofers Melbourne cover your property with tarps to protect it from damage during the roof replacement process.

They will secure the pots and outdoor furniture in a safe place. In addition, they place garbage bins to dump the old roof materials.

Removing old roofing materials

During this step, your roofing contractor will strip your old roof tiles and dispose of them in the skip bin positioned near your property.

Roof structure improvements

After removing the old roof materials, your roofer will replace or add additional structural support and roof battens to support your new roof.

Installing a new roof

Once roofers make necessary structural improvements and install new roof battens, they begin installing the new roof.

Depending on the work required, new roof installation might involve installing new gutters, valleys, downpipes, tiles, roof sarking, insulation, roof vents, etc.

Cleaning up the site

During the roof replacement process, unwanted roofing materials, like broken tiles, nails, cement, etc., can accidentally drop into the roof space or be scattered around your property. Reliable roofing contractors always thoroughly inspect and clean at the end of their job.

What Can be the Roof Replacement Cost in Melbourne?

The estimated cost for replacing the roof in Melbourne can vary depending on multiple factors:

● Your property’s and roof’s size

● The chosen roofing materials

● Your roof’s pitch

● Whether you have a single-storey or double-storey home

● Labour cost

● Whether you want to replace your gutters, ventilation or insulation system, downpipes, etc.

Bottom Line

Replacing your old roof and getting a new one for your home is a big investment that can protect your property and family from potential weather-related damages.

Since the question concerns your home’s and family’s protection, assigning the roof replacement job to professional roofers Melbourne is always worthwhile.

They understand the significance of roof replacement and the necessary steps for a successful project. 

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