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Quantivayus Joseph, the brother of British rapper Rapper 21, also known as Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, met a tragic end when he was shot and killed during a botched drug deal. Furthermore, recent reports reveal that another younger sibling of Rapper 21, Terell Davis, also lost his life in Brixton, UK, on November 22, 2020. Terell, who went by the name TMI Way as a rapper, was involved in a heated altercation that escalated into a fatal stabbing.

In this article, we will delve into some facts about Quantivayus Joseph, shedding light on his life. Born in the United Kingdom, Quantivayus was of British ethnicity, boasting a diverse cultural background.

NameQuantivayus Joseph
ParentsHeather Carmilla Joseph (mother) and Kevin Cornelius Emmons (father).
Siblings4 brothers; 6 sisters

He is the offspring of Heather Carmilla Joseph (mother) and Kevin Cornelius Emmons (father). Joseph’s parents belong to Dominican and Haitian backgrounds, and currently, they are separated from each other.

Quantivayus has several siblings in his family, including twin sisters Kyra and Jayda Davis, who are accomplished choreographers.

Affectionately known as Tay man, Quantivayus Joseph was likely in his mid-twenties at the time of his unfortunate demise, as he was killed in a drug deal incident.

In memory of his brother, Rapper 21 honored Quantivayus by getting a knife tattoo on his face. This gesture was reported by the renowned website Usatoday.com. Currently, Rapper 21 is mourning the loss of his other brother, TMI Way.

On a different note, Rapper 21’s brother, Quantivayus Joseph, had a sibling who faced legal issues. For instance, Rapper 21 himself has encountered legal troubles, including drug convictions, immigration charges, and theft by deception charges.

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