Optimizing Maintenance: The Role of the 440 Repacking Kit

440 Repacking Kit- A precision power tool for spraying a wide variety of materials is this airless sprayer. For accurate operating, maintenance, and safety instructions, please read and adhere to this instruction manual. This apparatus creates a fluid stream under incredibly high pressure. Before using maintenance operations, read the Safety Precautions section at the top of the manual and make sure you understand the warnings there.

Purpose of Using 440 Replacing Kit

You have to keep in view these important points for the 440 repacking kit

The Gun Trigger Lock in Use

When the gun is not in use, always engage the trigger lock.

1. With your back to the gun, press the trigger lock from left to right to lock the trigger.

2. When facing the back of the pistol, press the trigger lock from right to left to release the trigger.


When putting an electric unit’s power cord in, follow these steps.

Check to make sure the return hose and siphon tube are securely fastened.

2. Fit the outlet fitting on the sprayer with a minimum of 50′ of 1/4″ airless spray hose using a wrench. Securely tighten.

The spray hose should be connected to an airless spray cannon. Tighten firmly with two wrenches (one on the hose, one on the firearm).

In the Snokido black zone, confirm that the pressure control knob is in the OFF position.

5. Verify the ON/OFF switch is turned all the way off.

6. The fill cap can be extracted with a coin or a straight-slot screwdriver.

7. Piston Lube, or one ounce of piston seal lubricant, should be added to the oil reservoir. Put the oiler cap back.

8. The oiler can be primed by pressing the button two to five times. For lubricating the fluid part, press once per eight hours of use.

9. To ensure that the inlet ball is free, fully compress the pusher stem.

Verify that the electrical service has a minimum of 15 amps at 120 volts.

10. Place the power cord at least 25 feet away from the spray area in a suitably grounded outlet.

Procedure for Pressure Relief

When shutting down the sprayer for any reason, such as repairing or modifying any portion of the spray system, replacing or cleaning spray tips, or getting ready for cleanup, make sure to adhere to the Pressure Relief Procedure. This point is very important for the Hydra pump kit.

  • 1. To secure the firearm, press the trigger lock to the locked position.
  • 2. Set the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position to turn off the sprayer.
  • 3. In the black zone, turn the pressure control knob counterclockwise to the OFF position.
  • 4. Press the trigger lock to the unlocked position to open the firearm.
  • 5. To ground the gun and prevent static charge buildup, firmly press the metal portion of the weapon against the side of a metal container.
  • 6. Pull the trigger to release any remaining pressure in the hose.
  • 7. Press the trigger lock to the locked position to lock the gun.
  • 8. Press the SPRAY/PRIME valve down to the PRIME setting.

Tidying Up

When using flammable solvents, follow these extra cleaning guidelines: • Always flush the spray gun outside, or at least a hose’s length away from the spray pump.

• If gathering cleaned solvents in a metal one-gallon container, transfer the contents into an empty five-gallon container before flushing the solvents.

• Make sure the area is clear of combustible gases. • Comply with all cleaning guidelines.

Observe the “Pressure Relief Procedure” as outlined in this manual’s Operation section.

2. Take off the gun’s tip and tip guard, then use the proper solvent to clean the tip with a brush.

3. Insert the siphon tube into a suitable solvent-filled container. Water for latex paint and mineral spirits for oil-based paints are two examples of the proper solvents.

4. Insert the return hose into a waste container made of metal.

5. Set the SPRAY/PRIME valve to the PRIME position.

6. Turn the pressure control knob to the Rapid Clean setting to set the pressure at that level.

7. Slide the ON/OFF switch to the ON position to activate the sprayer.

8. Let the solvent run through the device, flushing the paint into the metal waste container from the return hose.

9. Slide the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position to shut off the sprayer.

10. Press the SPRAY button on the PRIME/SPRAY valve.

11. Switch on the mister.


Do not run the unit without fluid for longer than ten seconds. It will wear out the packings needlessly to operate this machine without fluid. Make sure the inlet ball is free by fully depressing the pusher stem. If the sprayer becomes pressured, turn the PRIME/SPRAY valve to PRIME while holding the return hose in the trash container.  Always use a grounded plug with an extension cable that is at least 12 gauge and has three wires. Never use an adaptor or take out the third prong.

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