NRLW Captain Elsie Albert’s Gender Is In Question As Many Believe She Could Be Transgender

Elsie Albert, a Papua New Guinean, is renowned as a rugby union football expert and an exceptional captain for Papua New Guinea’s national rugby team. She is considered a trailblazing and respected female rugby player in her country, having overcome challenges related to gender identity in the sport.

Although Albert identifies as female and competes for the women’s rugby team, rumors questioning her gender identity have circulated. Despite her unequivocal affirmation of her gender, speculation has persisted due to her masculine appearance. Nevertheless, she has risen to prominence as one of the most prominent rugby players in the NRL Women’s Premiership, attracting national and international attention.

Albert has consistently competed in the women’s division throughout her sporting career. Originally a boxer in the women’s division, she transitioned to rugby during her high school years.

As for her personal life, Elsie Albert shares a professional yet private bond with her Dragon teammate, Steph Hancock. While there have been speculations about their emotional connection, neither athlete has addressed such rumors. They are often seen together on and off the field, but they have not confirmed their relationship status, thus maintaining privacy regarding their personal lives.

Regarding Elsie Albert’s transition surgery journey, there is limited information available, with few studies documenting the process and scarce images depicting her before and after the procedure.

Due to her masculine features, Elsie Albert has occasionally been subject to speculation regarding her gender identity. However, these reports remain unconfirmed until the rugby star addresses them herself.

To connect with Elsie Albert, one can find her on Instagram under the handle @elsiealbert3, although she is currently inactive on the platform. She remains active on Facebook, where she shares personal details about her life beyond her sports career.

It appears that the Papua New Guinea captain has limited interest in social media, as she primarily utilizes Facebook and disregards other platforms.

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